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It makes more sense now than ever to cast your own bullets. With the ever increasing cost of copper and the cost of jacketed bullets soaring through the roof, casting your own bullets can be a less expensive alternative and cheaper in the long run. With your membership in the Cast Bullet Association you have access to casting techniques, tips, tricks and exclusive member benefits such as discounts from suppliers of cast bullet related equipment!

Learn from CBA members that have been casting their entire life. Have a question? Look for your answers in our Forum and in our bi-monthly publication the Fouling Shot.  The CBA is a international organization of shooters who enjoy casting and shooting lead alloy bullets for competition, hunting, experimenting, and casual shooting.

In the last three decades, experimentation with cast bullets, the lubricant and alloys is producing accuracy at velocities up to 2700 fps. This rivals the speeds of jacketed bullets for hunting and target applications. And what's more amazing, with these modern techniques and lubricants, the loads can shoot groups less than one-half minute of angle (1/2 inch) with no lead fouling in the barrel!!

The CBA bi-monthly journal, The Fouling Shot, an informative publication filled with articles on casting techniques, loading data and techniques for cast bullets, the results of experiments with cast bullets, and both shoulder to shoulder and postal match scores. These match results contain tables with detailed equipment listings used by each competitor. These tables will help you understand the style of bullets, the lubricants, the loads, the techniques, and the alloys being used for hunting and in each class of competition. 

The CBA conducts benchrest rifle, pistol and military matches at various locations as well as global postal matches for both rifle and handgun. There are many classifications to allow everyone to participate in their form of matches with their rifle or handgun. Shoulder-to-shoulder offhand matches are "shoot the rifle you bring" competition. Benchrest matches have many separate classifications:
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Production Rifle
  • Long Range Handgun
  • Long Range Unrestricted Handgun
  • Heavy Rifle
  • Plain Base Bullet
  • Unrestricted
Military benchrest matches have several separate classifications:
  • Issue Sights
  • Modified Sights
  • Modified Scope
  • Big Bore

Postal matches include the all above classes plus add special classes for military rifles, single shots, lever and pump action, and revolvers. The military rifle classes include a separate match for original sights, modified iron sights, and scope sights. These matches allow shooters to compete on their home range and send in the targets for scoring.


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