Weighing the Nosler 22n Hornet brass includes a WSP primer installed. Had already primed them all before your weight request surfaced. Average case weight for 10 primed cases is 59.59 gr, weight range of the 10 weighed/primed cases was 59.2-60.0gr.

So just for the heck of it I weighed 10 WSP primers that averaged 3.14 gr with a range of 0.2gr.   Fully realize primed brass weight may not be as consistent as unprimed brass.

Nosler advertises that the “weigh sort” their brass, have no idea what size of production is utilized to make a weight sort determination. Any manufacturing process will involve variation in output, ie, weight and dimension and capacity.

My preliminary assessment of Nosler Brass is that they have done a pretty decent job of controlling the variables in their manufacturing process. Next time I buy additional Nosler 22 hornet brass I will weigh a unprimed sample and provide a report.

R D Eggleston