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tturner53 posted this 03 November 2010

There was a thread a while back about oddball loads but I can't find it now. So I'm starting over with this one, not a load exactly but an idea for one. Today I found out by accident that a .40 S&W case fits very nicely inside a .444 case. The .40 case. measures about .428".  It weighs about 65 gr. I'm thinking of pouring some lead in the .40 case, see what it weighs. Might have a serious jacketed wadcutter. IF I do this in my H&R .444 I will use a very light charge and maybe some kind of wad. Whaddaya think? Anybody remember that old thread? There was some interesting stuff there.

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jhrosier posted this 04 November 2010

There are a couple of guys on another well known cast bullets forum who are swaging .44 mag bullets, using .40s for jackets.


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99 Strajght posted this 04 November 2010

I make 240gr. to 260gr. 44 cal. bullets for my 44 Rem Mag from 40 cal brass in a 44 cal swaging die. They work very well. I'm sure you could just pour in lead and make a wad cutter. With the swage I can make a round tip on the bullet just like the factorys. 10 Rem. Mag would be a heaver bullet.  I also make 35 cal bullets from 30 carbine brass and 22 cal bullets from empty 22 rim fire. I'm sure there are other sizes.

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CB posted this 04 November 2010

I have a friend who makes jacketed bullets for his 375 H&H from 222, 223 case. He forms them in a die to make pointed bullets and claims they work great.


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runfiverun posted this 04 November 2010

cut off 5.7x28 cases make good 30 cal bullets too. i have a tool for making the 44 mag cases from 40 s&w's and a notching set up to cut the brass cases to make them open better. the die also works to hollowpoint regular cast bullets and will reform others into notched/hollowpointed rounds.

i have also flaired out a 40 case and poured a small amount of lead into the nose and used them in 45 colt cases for fun rounds, kills squirrels too.

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Clod Hopper posted this 18 January 2011

I tried the lead poured into a .40 case a good while back. Don't remember any details, but I decided it was too much like work.

I have a good wacky load for you. Put 4 grains of red dot in .45 Colt case, place a 155 grain SWC upside down in, then put another on top. This is for Rugers only. Shoots to the sights of my .45 Vaquero, two holes in the target and I don't worry about recochets or over penetration. You can also use round balls. Needless to say these are not in any loading manual and will put your eye out! Don't push them in too far!!! Make sure the second one pushes the bottom one in. My purpose was to create a low recoil, low velocity load for shooting skunks in the garage,or plinking, but without sooty cases. It worked.

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Dollar Bill posted this 19 January 2011

Is this the thread you're referring to, Tim?>

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Popgunner posted this 24 December 2011

So hows this for a weird load?

I had spent shotgun primers piling up on the bench so I loaded up a few as bullets in some 32 S&W long cases. 2 grains bullseye wide part of primer to the rear & a little scrap of paper to hold the spent primer/bullet in place. Little to no recoil but surprising short distance accuracy. Gets rid of spent shotgun primers anyway. I shoot em out of a H&R 732.

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Old Coot posted this 25 December 2011

I loaded a lot of different things in the 458 Win.  Two remco shot caps for the 45 Colt over 12 gr Unique, .459 round ball ov3er 3 of Bullseye, 250 gr 45 colt bullets unsized over 5 gr. Unique.  The old 300 gr. 1/2 jacket with 2400  and COW to the bullet base (shot rather well I think it ws 45 gr. but can't remember)Brodie


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99 Strajght posted this 25 December 2011

My latest project was 45 ACP shotshells from 308 cases and .410 wads. At 15 feet they are good enough for small pests. And they shoot semi-auto and are reloadable.

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cptuap posted this 25 December 2011

Not so oddball 99, the military had 45ACP shot cartridges for survival kits but they would not cycle the slide. Single shot only. You have done better if yours shoot semi- auto. Congrats! Cp

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tturner53 posted this 03 February 2012

I resurected an old project from the back of the box. A JC Higgins 16 ga bolt action shotgun I was given. It's old enough it doesn't have a serial number, not that I can find anyway. The magazine tube and feed parts were gone. Now I'm going to make a trunk gun out of it as a single shot. I traded for some Lee 12 ga 1 oz. slugs and was happy to find they are a nice snug slip fit in a WW plastic 16 ga. hull. They are way too big to fit in a plastic wad, so I just cut the petals off some wads and just used the bases. Having a bunch of old WW540 on hand I used a charge from a Winchester load guide (old) for a 1 oz shot load for the 16. Then a square of TP to bring up the wad column and then the slug. Fired 5 today, offhand. Two at 25 yds. hit close to point of aim with the bead sight and 3 shots at 50 yds. would have all been in the black on a B21. And no leading of the bore even though no lube. Next up is buckshot. I'm thinking of it as a modern Brown Bess, may even try some black powder loads. I have an old Mequon(Lee) loading kit that works great with a small hammer.  The buttplate is missing too, maybe I'll just checker it. Always thought that looked cool, or maybe a skeleton buttplate. It crossed my mind to spray paint it black but the plain walnut stock is in very good shape, solid as heck, and the bluing is still like new, old school style blue. You'll really think I'm goofy but I may dress it up to imitate an old fusil or Indian trade gun.

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shastaboat posted this 03 February 2012

I'll cut some lead wire cores and run a 40 cal case into my 44 swage die and see if it works for me. Then I'll run a cannelure grove and see how they come out. Interesting project.

Because I said so!

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onondaga posted this 04 February 2012

A formidable end of days civilian defense load for a 37mm flair launcher uses a 35mm film canister top for an over powder wad and then a plywood wad with a split finger shot cup made from plastic milk cartons. 100 grains of pyrodex will launch 3 ounces of roofing nails in a broad sweeping pattern . GI surplus fletchettes are even more useful in this home made “Beehive” round. The roofing nails won't but the fletchettes will defeat the most modern ceramic body armor at 50 yards.


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CB posted this 04 February 2012

You can load 38 cal Speer shot capsules with 2 32 cal bullets nose first, without the cap. Then load them in 38 or 357 cases base first. I'll let you do your own load development on this one since it's so unusual. The capsule breaks apart as soon as it leaves the barrel, and you get two really close holes in your target. I've tried it out to 25 yards, and the accuracy was pretty impressive. You can also do this with 32 cal round balls, or buckshot.

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runfiverun posted this 04 February 2012

32 acp cases will work in the 357 same as the 40 will in a 44,or with some work in the 45. 9mm cases work in a 40 cal. gonna look at using some 9 or 380's in my 375 win also. if i can pick it up off the ground i'll consider it a win if i can use it.

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TonyT posted this 06 June 2012

cptuap wrote: Not so oddball 99, the military had 45ACP shot cartridges for survival kits but they would not cycle the slide. Single shot only. You have done better if yours shoot semi- auto. Congrats! Cp Have you ever used them in a reolver?

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99 Strajght posted this 07 June 2012

I never have. No 45 revolver. They should work if they work in a 1911.

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delmarskid1 posted this 08 June 2012

Not the oddest but the most difficult. I formed 401 Herter's power mag cases from 30-30's and sized .41 mag cast bullets to .401. The cases needed the rims turned down. I filed them.

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TRKakaCatWhisperer posted this 08 June 2012

You CAN pour lead into the .40 case (or others), BUT air will get trapped and the weights will be all over the place. (No venting)

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Ed Harris posted this 08 June 2012

The RCBS .45 shotshell die set was based on my design which was written up in American Rifleman years ago and reprinted in the NRA publication on the .45 automatic. 

The CCI-Speer shotshell is a bit different, but is a spinoff from that.

Neither is useable in revolvers because they cases back up solid against the recopil shield and bind the cylinder.

Photos are WW2 era M12 shotshell and Vietnam era box loaded by me at an “undisclosed location"

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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TonyT posted this 08 June 2012

Ed, It's a real pleasure to meet the originator of that 45 ACP shotshell. I was so intrigued when I read the American Rfleman article that I ordered a set of dies and formed 50 cases. Unfortunately that's where the project took a “snooze". I hope to awaken interest in time to make up some loads for winter in AZ. Tony

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Wineman posted this 07 February 2013

That 37 Flare gun load my go the way of the buggy whip. Pretty hard to find any film these days let alone get it developed. Wallyworld is my go to place for both.

When I was in High School, somebody had a USGI smoke grenade they set off. My buddy and I took the now empty canister home and found that the primer was the same size as a 209 shotgun primer, go figure.

I can't imagine what would happen today if somebody pulled the pin and tossed one into the quad. Probably make the national news.


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Duane Trusty posted this 10 February 2013

Just a note on pouring melted lead into a cartridge case. the comment is correct you will get weight variations.

Put a lead slug or shotgun pellets in first cold then heat the two up on a fire brick with a torch.

You will not have the trapped air problem.

You can also use an old cast iron frying pan, stand the filled cases in the pan then set in your electric stove oven and set the temp and timer to the cleaning cycle. By the way only do this when your better half is at work and don't ask me how I know this.


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Carbine Dave posted this 14 December 2013

Holy Crap,That sounds cool,always thought a pipe muzzle loader “swivel gun” would work well with large finishing nails. almost sounds like a project.  

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kjohn posted this 26 June 2016

Not really odd, but I have fired lots of LEE 93 gr. WW with 5 gr. of 700X out of a 30-30 94. Nice to shoot indoors at our range.

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jimkim posted this 13 April 2017

I load 175gr TC 40 cal soft lead cast bullets in necked down 444 Marlin cases. I use a Lee carbide 40 S&W die to to neck them down, and the seating die to seat and crimp. I slide a piece of 410 hull over the reduced section to support the case and prevent splitting. I use 200gr 38-40 data (it has pressure data in the manual and is near 410 SAAMI pressure. With a lighter bullet and larger case there is little fear of exceeding safe pressures) and shoot these in my H&R 410. They shoot pretty good. I won't win any postal matches but, they're accurate enough for varmints around the farm. I wouldn't try it with a tight choke, though.

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4570sharps posted this 16 April 2017

Very interesting! Does anyone know of any videos available on this procedure?

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