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R. Dupraz posted this 14 April 2017

Found some long absent Alliant 2400 powder today at Scheels in Sioux Falls SD today at $21.24 a bottle. Said that they just got it in. I have seen it advertised on one distributor's web site in the last few weeks but not on the shelf for quite a while. So apparently it's back. Kind of surprised at the price.

Thought this might be of interest or not.

Happy Easter


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John Carlson posted this 14 April 2017

I have gotten a few bottles there over the past year, I think $24 the last I got.  Good stuff.  $24.29 at Precision Reloading but they've been out of stock for some time now. 

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GP Idaho posted this 14 April 2017

I just found a one pounder of 2400 last week at the local Sportsman's Warehouse. Seems it all falls off the truck before it makes it out here to Idaho. First I've seen here forever.  Not Just Alliant powders but the shelves were full of Norma, Winchester, IMR, Hodgdon and VihtaVuori.   One, four and eight pounders. Good to be able to choose what you want instead of settling for what you can get. Gp

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 15 April 2017

Richard, what a good deal!

I got 3 one pounders of 2400 and 2 of R-7 last week at my local Cabela's. It was $27 & $26. Was down to my last 6 ozs. or so. They've had a decent supply lately with new powders coming in all the time. Maybe we are finally getting back to normal. Just would like to see more 4 & 8 pounders. Buying of the net it is just too expensive with the shipping & hazmat fees, so I am happy to find it locally.  

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RicinYakima posted this 15 April 2017

Nothing here but 1 pounders, except for one 8-pounder of Red Dot. $189.00. Alliant is running ABOUT 26-29 a pound in singles. Bought the first pound of Unique yesterday that I have seen in almost 5 years.

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SouthDakota4440 posted this 16 April 2017

R. Dupraz

Cabela's in Rapid City had 2400 the last time I was in there...and they seemed to have that in stock most of the time.  Could be the same for Cabela's in Mitchell. Overall, there didn't appear to be problem in finding 2400 in any of the gun shops in this area of South Dakota....can't say the same for Bulleye or WW 231 though.......



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BigMan54 posted this 16 April 2017

You guys are lucky to find it that cheap. In January I paid $35 EACH for 2 cans of H4895 at turner's outdoorsman in Redondo Beach. Then add CA state/LA county sales tax & it was past $76 for 2 lbs of powder. First powder I've been able to buy in 3 years. REAL GLAD I laid in 60 lbs before obama got “re-elected". 

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Pentz posted this 17 April 2017

A few weeks ago I got in an order of 32 lbs of 2400 and split it up with range buddies, splitting the hazmat it came to $160 per keg.  I've got 24 lbs stashed and that will get me through the next 9,600 rounds.  Also have 18K LR primers to stoke my mod mil rifle.  No more shortages for me.

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