Ardito Rifle, Eagan Moulds, and Accessories For Sale

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clamar posted this 2 weeks ago

For Sale: Ardito-Built benchrest rifle.

Remington 40x single shot action, Hart 14" twist, full-diameter barrel chambered in Ardito's short 30 caliber (just over 1.5" long), in 40x wood stock (adjustable fore-end stop rail recess carefully filled with matching walnut).  In excellent, almost new condition.   Shot very little.  Eagan MX-3 and MX-4 moulds designed specifically for this chambering.  15-20 formed cases.  Shot very little.

Asking $1500, but open to reasonable offers.

El Paso Weaver K12 available separately-$125-after rifle is sold.

Please pm me for photos.

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clamar posted this 5 days ago

Dropping asking price to $1500, still open to reasonable offers.

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