I have one Savage 219 rifle action, needs striker repair for sure (firing pin stuck, won't reset, locks up tight on barrels when closed, This is an action with complete and good condition butt stock. Will need a barrel donor and fitted fore stock, available many other places rather cheap and easy. I understand John Taylor and maybe others are able to manufacture complete barrels for this rifle action, you will likely need a fore stock as a donor though. This is a rifle action so its set with small firing pin for higher pressure than the 220 shotgun action.

This is an interchangeable utility action, no fitting required for barrel interchange.


C&R status, ATF rules apply on sale, $165.00 shipped/insured.

Can add 30-30 barrel or 12 gauge as desired to facilitate a reline or stub project (including fitted fore stock), shooter condition with factory sights for $295 delivered (either barrel choice)


PM for pics, please reply with a valid email to send pics.