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erj145 posted this 08 December 2017

Once again another epic failure of living within my modest means in my post retirement. My new Henry is the brass model in 44 magnum and I have no regrets. It is as attractive as the images on the net. This made in America product is a refreshing return to the production standards of our distant past. Of course the accolades will be based on how well it shoots which has yet to be done.

I have not decided on whether to mount a scope or an aperture sight. The product is new enough that available accessories have not been posted on the net. Henry info said a Weaver #82 scope base would fit. I am probably leaning toward an aperture sight though, as I see no reason to clutter a light compact rifle.

The only complaint I have is that in spite of the net publicity announcing this rifle, deliveries of the actual product have been slow and spotty. My local GS is frustrated by the "unobtanium". Fortunately there is little evidence of scalping on net sales outlets. There have been no test reports available anywhere. I bought this rifle purely on the reputation of Henry products.

Considering the backlog of production deliveries it appears to me that the calibers that I would have chosen (327 Federal, 357 magnum, 30-30) will be a long time coming. Apparently not all Henry shooters are into cast bullets. I will be pleasantly surprised if any of those calibers suddenly appear.

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 08 December 2017

I have a .44 steel frame on order with Cabelas. I called Henry two weeks ago and was told they are making them as fast as they can. It is my hope also to come out in some other calibers than the current ones. A  25-35 or .38-55 would be great for me, but doubtful that will happen.. 

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