Jack Reacher Shooting Range Scene

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OU812 posted this 1 weeks ago

This is a really good movie. Please watch this scene shooting a Remington 700

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OU812 posted this 6 days ago

Mcdonald Range,

Physical Address:

8699 Cooks Rd
McDonald, PA 15057

45ACPete posted this 3 days ago

If you're a Jack Reacher fan like me, you may find it ludicrous that they cast 5' 7" Tom Cruise in the role of 6' 5" 230lb. Jack Reacher. OK--sure, he's a big star--I get it.  Other than that, the movie isn't too bad.  This scene at the range is a little hard to swallow.  Our hero walks all the way out to the thousand yd. targets and posts a target center which looks like it measures about 12" X 12".  He doen't secure the bottom of the target--leaves it free to blow in the wind--then fires a rifle that was zeroed by someone else and with his first shot he's only about 3" outside the X ring.  And, oh yeah, Robert Duvall spots his bullet holes at 1000 yds. with a normal, portable spotting scope.  They should have gotten more input from the author--the books are more believable.

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