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lkydvl posted this 29 November 2017

I'm looking for someone to do some bullet casting for me.  I am unable for various reasons to do my own casting any longer.  I have molds that can be used or you can use your own depending on the bullets required.

I am in SW MN but willing to pay for the shipping and the service.



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John Carlson posted this 30 November 2017

What bullets do you need?

You supply the alloy, or, what alloy do you want them made from.

How many?

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R. Dupraz posted this 30 November 2017

Don't you need some kind of fed license for that sort of thing?

What about finding a commercial cast bullet vender that would  supply your needs. Seems like it would be much more simple.  

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Regulator Johnson posted this 30 November 2017

I have some time available on a machine.

Which molds do you have and how to they mount.  Which alloy are you requesting.


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lkydvl posted this 30 November 2017

Thank you for the replies.  AM dealing with Drs this week so have not responded.


Most of my needs are in BPCR calibers.  I do have some needs in 338 and 358 rifle but they are not as specific and most anything in the general weight I use would do.


The BPCR stuff is needed in 20 & 30:1 alloys.  The rifles have dictated their preferences in bullet styles which I will need to let a list of so folks know what I am looking for.


My molds are not setup for any auto or semi auto casters.  I have Magma Cast Masters and a Master caster I used for handgun bullets.  Never cast BPCR bullets with them tho.  Those are cast with their regular handles.




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comprschrg posted this 01 December 2017

Don't you need some sort of fed license for that sort of thing?

All the research I've done shows this to be correct. Sad but true.

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