Martini Cadet Conversion

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Dukem posted this 3 weeks ago

Question for Ed Harris. I have a Martini Cadet that I have successfully created ammo for. It was redone to 32-20 before I got it. I cut back 32-20 brass until I can seat a .322" 90 grain 8 m/m Nambu cast bullet in it. However, you often mention a gun smith you patronize. Could he simply rebarrel it to 25-20 w.c.f. and put a scope mount on it? The little rifle doesn't weigh hardly anything and would make a great plinker and squirrel rifle. Are the threads some weird pitch in the receiver that would be a pain in the breeches, or would this be a straight forward rebarreling job?



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corerftech posted this 3 weeks ago

Duke, when you do get it rebarreled, I’m the guy that wants the old barrel. I have a purpose if it’s internally in good shape! If it becomes avail..........

unless you line it of course. Ed will likely name John Taylor as the gunsmith.

i have a custom neck throater that gets used to open the neck to 8mm, maintaining it as a 32-20 yet it loads as fixed Ammo with any 8mm proper bullet at .323-.326 diameter.

id b happy to share the drawing that PTG ground from for the endeavor. It will improve the neck dimensions too and give a new throat. Basically a new chamber where it counts. Still uses 32-20 brass.

cost for the reamer is only about 70.00.

its throat is set to use the rcbs cadet bullet with heel shank opened to groove diameter. So it acts as a grease groove inside lubed bullet. You can load any 120 gr design (or heavier as twist permits) 8mm bullet as long as the throat is opened further. I like the bunny gun and the short round nose the rcbs bullet presents, for me it’s a perfect bullet.

you can always throat it with a generic 8mm throater afterwards to lengthen the throat for longer heavier bullets.

i also have a wildcat being ground by Manson that is a 38 special opened to 8mm proper, can be used for 357 mag and max based brass as well, it has a name and I won’t give up the print on that one yet (premature). Should have the new reamer in about 4 more weeks, anxious.

All the options above use your existing barrel, simply chamber mods. 

Keeps the gun in factory form (military wood, etc) yet gives you a fresh chamber with proper fitting bullets in cases that are readily avail and for use with dies also readily avail, albeit a mixture of dies from all sorts of th8ngs, but they are standard cheap dies, not customs.


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TRKakaCatWhisperer posted this 3 weeks ago

Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo.   I want a copy of that reamer drawing!  (at least take a pix of it or the title block so I can have one made)


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RicinYakima posted this 3 weeks ago

Duke, rebarreling is a piece of cake and you don't even have to change the extractor. Standard threads, common thread specs, etc. Buy a good quality barrel if you are going to spend the money, don't scrimp on quality for the blank.

Here is one I did about 20 years ago, in .357 Magnum.

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Dukem posted this 2 weeks ago

Coreftech, I had to read that a couple of times and think about it. I was so focused on the 25-20 because I already have a Low Wall with a 1 weight barrel and scope blocks. After thinking about what you wrote I can make a case for just leaving well enough alone. I only need to shorten the 32-20 cases and load a 90 gr. .322"bullet and it shoots really well. The barrel mounted open sights are becoming more of a challenge every year and I was thinking of a mount for a regular internally adjustable scope after the rebarreling. Maybe I should just get it scoped and us it as it is.


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