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Pepe Ray posted this 2 weeks ago

Here's a few questions for Ed for obvious reasons.

Several months ago I fell into a great deal, at least I thought it so. Passing by a table hosted by a familiar face.  Etc, etc, I thought I saw a sweet little S & W 32 S&W L, 4". For $200.?  NO!! It was so beautiful I was baffeled. At closer inspection I found it was a Ruby Extra. Well, even at my ancient vintage I cant resist a pretty face. She came home w/me. I recognized the brand but knew little of her reputation. Not long after, my health took a nose dive so I've only lately been able to access her details. Exterior flaws? Only one, a ding on the left corner of her bbl. rib. just fore of the frame. Her finish is 99+%. All screws show no evidence of "bubbering". However the springs are rugged and the adjustment screw at the butt heel appears to have been relieved .

Having a set of plug gauges. I found at the muzzle a .303" fit nicely. The chambers varried. A .309", a .310" and 4 .312"'s.                                                                                

First, is the qualtiy of the Ruby Worth the expense of the adjustments needed?

Second, Are the working parts close enough to S&W design to rely on there schematics for maintenance.

The chambering is stamped .32 Long Ctg.

Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

Pepe Ray 

Only in His name.

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Ed Harris posted this 2 weeks ago

If you are able to do the work yourself, go ahead.  If you paid a gunsmith at going rates you could easily spend more than the gun is worth.  You might ask Dave Reiss if he is familiar with them and could take a stab at it...  I've never had a Ruby and a S&W side by side to compare, so I'm not sure how close the internals are.

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 2 weeks ago

if that is a spanish ruby, those have an interesting history ... back about 1990 when compuserve ruled the internet groups, we had a spanish historian in a group and he would research locally and was helpful in digging out the complicated history of spanish guns.  ( i had a destroyer and several astra 400 ) ....

good luck on unraveling any information now ... as i remember, some were pretty good and some were very poor .  if yours is a reasonably good one, it might be better to keep it as is and have a nice conversation piece that you could still shoot cast in for grins.



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Pepe Ray posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Ken, It came to me in a flash, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," There's no doubt she has my heart but she may be a "tramp". I've been caressing her, admiring her finish, her lines are pure poetry. All the screw heads are unbroomed, no scoring on her cylinder. no gas cutting of her frame, nor anywhere else. At first glance she was a S&W model 31 in 32 SWL.  However , the presence of a screw in the grip frame just above the front of her butt belies her true identity.

As soon as I can M.T. a dozen cases I'll dry fire her. I don't expect her to be a coyote thumper but as soon as I can get the chambers evened out she will be a "bunny gun" or a door stop.

Later,  Pepe Ray

Only in His name.

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Pepe Ray posted this 1 weeks ago

I'm afraid that thread continuity will be "iffey" untill I become more familiar with the mechanics of the site.

So far I've found NO solutions to my problem. I have learned much of firearm mechanisms but not enough to take the "plunge".

Fear not, you'l know when I do. 

Only in His name.

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 5 days ago

I thought I already replied to this, but I guess I didn't. Anyway, Spanish copies of S&Ws are very similar to them. but not always the same internally. Some of the parts look the same, but do not match any actual S&W. Sometimes coil springs replace the flat mainsprings. There can be other differences.

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