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Pigslayer posted this 15 June 2017

Been a hectic year & in that I haven't been here much. Coming out of it though. On 4/14/17 I got the phone call that my youngest son & I have long anticipated. My oldest son, at the age of 46 was found dead in a McDonalds bathroom in Ohio where he lived. Heroin overdose. In 2000 he was hurt in an accident on the jobsite at work. They administered Oxycontin for pain. That was it. We never got him back. Went from Oxycontins to Heroin.



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Maven posted this 15 June 2017

Very sorry to learn of your loss, Pat.

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GP Idaho posted this 15 June 2017

So sorry to hear of your loss Pat. There is no pain like that caused by opiates, both for the user and their family. I believe most if not all here consider you a friend, I know I do. Sharing the pain with friends helps us heal. Thank you for sharing with me. Gp

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shake posted this 15 June 2017

There is nothing I can say except I am truly sorry.

Stan Dantzler

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John Carlson posted this 16 June 2017

As the others have said, there's nothing anyone can do or say beyond assuring you that we are thinking of you.

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358156hp posted this 16 June 2017

I am deeply saddened by your loss, Pat. This is a parents worst nightmare.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 16 June 2017

pat ... you should regard our little group of " unconventional gentlemen " as a part of your family in these times ....  just know that we share your grief and you are in our thoughts.  stay safe and strong .


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onondaga posted this 16 June 2017

Pat I will  pray for You and both your sons.  God's Peace to you.


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Ed Harris posted this 16 June 2017

Pat, I'm so sorry for your loss.  Know that among all here our thoughts are with you.

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MarkinEllensburg posted this 16 June 2017

So sorry for your loss Pat.

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BigMan54 posted this 16 June 2017

My Sincerest Sympathy to you & your family. My prayers are with you.

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Pigslayer posted this 16 June 2017

Thank you all for your prayers & understanding. I guess things happen for a reason . . . and sometimes I guess that I'm not supposed to know what that reason is. At least not yet anyway. There will always be one very good memory that stands out concerning my son (Scott) & I. Back in the early 80's I picked up a Pre-'64 Winchester model 88 in absolute mint condition for $100.00 even. Caliber .308. I mounted a 3 x 9 bushnell scope on it, loaded up some ammo, sighted it in & gave it to my son. I took him deer hunting that year in the area where I grew up. Northern PA in Tioga County. I put him up on a ridge where I knew he had a good chance, real good chance of seeing a buck while my youngest son (Danny) & I went down below to another good spot. After about an hour Dan & I heard a shot. I couldn't really tell where it came from as my hearing wasn't the best. Dan said that it had came from above and was sure it was Scott. We walked up & sure enough he had a nice six point laying there. He had shot it on the run as we often do in PA. Right behind the front shoulders. He was nervous & his hands were shaking a little. I handed him a knife & told him to gut it . . . but he was to nervous (LOL!). It was his very first buck and in fact very first deer. It was a wonderful day for all of us!

     We dragged his deer out & went to his grandparents house to hang it up. His grandmother took me aside & said; "Did he really shoot that or did you do it for him?" I looked her dead in the eye & said; "He took that buck at about 100 yds. out on the run". "That's a fact". His grandmother smiled from ear to ear.

     As little ones my boy's lived & breathed guns & hunting due to myself, his uncle's, his grandparents & the area's rich history of hunting. It seemed that everyone hunted including all, or most of the ladies. My sister-in-law Joyce was stiff competition as she shot a number of buck "on the run" and dropped them with one shot. It's the way we rolled. Many a day I would get home from work, grab the boys & go "Chuck hunting" (Woodchucks). They were always excited. Although my life has taken it's twists & turns, has been magic & yes, at times has been tragic, I have to look at it with positive fire and revel in the most memorable times.



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Tooweels posted this 17 June 2017

What an awesome story and excellent memory Pat, very sorry for the loss of your Son



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vmwilson posted this 17 June 2017

My deepest sympathy to you and your family at a very difficult time.  I've long thought from your posts you were a true gentleman and when you donated a few PID controllers that confirmed that for me.  Time will help the healing process for you folks I'm sure.



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John Alexander posted this 17 June 2017


I am sorry to hear of the death of your son. I hope your memories of Scott like the one above will help over time to dull the sharp pain of grief.  Best wishes.


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mike morrison posted this 17 June 2017

Pat, my prayers to you and your family. I personally know how you feel. lost a daughter in May 2015. she was 45. The Dr. pushed the pain meds then took them away. As you said there must be a reason for everything. I don't know if we will ever know as long we are on this earth. Just know you are not alone.



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SouthDakota1 posted this 17 June 2017

Pat, A wonderful memory and account of your son.  I wish you and family the comfort of our Good Lord during this time.  My (our) prayers are with you.



Marc A. Moore

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Scearcy posted this 17 June 2017

Pat, my deepest sympathy. Three years ago my son in law, age 30, died in his sleep while he, my son and I were deer hunting. Recently we are growing more able to laugh about the good times without the tears following. Time is a great healer. Don't let those good memories go! Good bless.


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M3 Mitch posted this 08 August 2017

I'm sorry for your loss, Pat.  Losing a child has to be about as hard a punch as life throws at anybody.

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Duke M posted this 09 August 2017

So sorry for your loss Pat. I've seen this tragic story over and over in my career. Good men and women injured and ultimately lost. Again, my condolences.


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Old Coot posted this 10 August 2017


You have my most profound and sincere sympathies.  Like your Son I am a chronic pain patient with arthritis throughout my body, most importantly in my spine (from an auto accident when I was 19).  There is a constant and almost overpowering urge to overuse my pain meds just so I can feel normal again.  If it were not for my sheer stiff necked stubbornness I am certain that I would have succumbed a long time ago.  You have my prayers for him, and know that he is now in a better place where he doesn't hurt any more.  Brodie


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