unertl bv-20

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porthos posted this 17 April 2017

i traded for a unertl BV-20 that has issues that i need to address. it is missing the 3 “rings” that go on the tube. the first being the lock ring that goes to the very front. next are the 2 rings that go between the spring. and last is the spring. i can make all of these. but; i need information about this particular scope. what end do i screw off to install the rings and spring. the front would be the easiest. ( if it does in fact unscrew ). the rear has more “stuff” to remove . the parallex adjustment is at the rear and is VERY hard to turn ( the lock ring is loose) if i can remove the  back, i would be able to maybe loosen the parallex ring. can't find any literature (instructions) for this particular scope. any help  would be most appreciated. especially information and instructions.

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rhbrink posted this 17 April 2017

I have a picture of the adjustments for the back end of the scope is you like I can try to send it to you? I don't know anything about the rest of the scope although I do have one and use it sometimes.


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