Working with the NOE nose sizing system

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GP Idaho posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello All: I'd like to pass along some ideas I'm working with to make the NOE nose sizing system a little easier to work with.. First, I shortened a Lee push rod from 1.310 to .780. This gives a better point of leverage on the press stroke. Next, I've cut some lengths of copper pipe to various lengths required for different bullets. These sit on top of the press ram around the push rod and come up against the push through size body and bushing. This provides a repeatable stop point one bullet to the next. All or just part of the nose can now be sized to fit up tight to the throat, ball seat whatever with the front band or spot of your choice on the nose.  Please pass along ideas you've come up with also. Thanks Gp

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beltfed posted this 2 weeks ago

I like your approach. A positive Stop, or a limit to the travel of the ram is required

to set a repeatable operation.  Personally, I would probably use steel tubing rather than

the softer copper tubing.


R. Dupraz posted this 2 weeks ago

Did just that after I got my set. Made sleeves for .22, 7mm and 30 cal out of pieces of  some old military take off barrels. Pictures and etc are in the archives somewhere..