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Wineman posted this 09 May 2018

I decided to branch out a bit and see what other powers had to offer. Platform M1903A3 As Issued, iron sights (front USMC profile). Projectile NOE 314299 with the top band at 0.310, WW alloy ~18 BHN. Gator GC put on in a LEE 314 die. Lube 45:45:10 x 2. Brass, LC Match 62, flash hole enlarged #43 drill bit. Primer WLR. OAL 3.45". All shots off the bench, Caldwell rest, rear bag, no wind. 0.002 neck tension. Bore snake twice between powders with Ed's Red on first one.


Aliant 2400, 15.9 grains, my usual load, MR 10 shots 100 yards 1.52", well within the 9 ring SR-1.

Varget, 28 grains, MR 10 shots at 100 yards 1.85", just holding the 9 ring on an SR-1, recoil a tad more, somewhat disappointing.

Accurate 5744, 20 grains, MR 10 shots at 100 yards 2' higher than the target! Holding on the bottom of the target frame got keyholes low and left. Recoil similar to Varget.

I always read that the Accurate 5744 was a cast favorite but I am at a loss to understand why this load was so erratic compared to the other two. Any thoughts are appreciated.




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RicinYakima posted this 09 May 2018


Sorry, we are on the fourth formula of 5744. It is no longer a good powder for cast bullets. Latest formula has multiple issues with pressure levels we use with cast bullets.

Please consider other powders, old and traditional means that it is a stable formula.



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Drewseabee posted this 09 May 2018

Try cfe blk start at 16 grains run a .5 grain test to 21 grains is it a 2 or a 4 groove gun and I’m not sure how u shoot hold that gun down nice and hard will help tremendously and try imr 4227 16 grains to 22 grains somewhere in there usually shoots very well if u are lucky and have 4759 from the good old days laying around get ahold of Kastning it’s the cats pajamas for that gun

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OU812 posted this 10 May 2018

Try some modern Reloader 7. Size the bore ride section more round and to engrave rifling. Size bands .0000-.0005 smaller than free bore. I use Linotype alloy with 20 percent lead added ( about 17-18 bhn).

My testing and my 308 rifle has shown that Reloader 7 shoots just as well as 4759 and meters lots easier. Sometimes 4759 can burn too quickly for certain loads.

My tests have shown that 2400 is position sensitive. You may want to try some type of filler...I have no experience with. Veral Smith has used dried coffee grounds as filler with good success.

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Wineman posted this 10 May 2018

Well that's kind of a drag about 5744 #4, it seemed so useful. Something to add to my 1 lb of this and that. I just got a jug of H4895, I do have 1.5# of SR4759 and I agree it is a perfect fit but alas, no more to be had. RX7 has been spotty to find around here, I do have some IMR 4198 and 3031, Unique, Promo, and of course BE. Any ideas where to use up 5744 then?

It is a two groove barrel. The best bullet so far is the LEE 312-160 TL, out to 100 it shoots like a house on fire. Never tried it at 200 though.

MK gave me a box of ammo at the last Mil shoot in Washington. He got tired of my erratic load crossfiring on his record targets. Once he asked me (nicely) to stop and I told him I had not fired a round for several minutes. Ah the pressure of competition. Don't think I will make it this year. I just got the invite and have a camping trip with the family on the same weekend. If something changes, I'll be there. OU812, my bullet is just about set up like your rig.

Thanks for the input.


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RicinYakima posted this 10 May 2018

"Any ideas where to use up 5744 then?"

It isn't bad powder, just unreliable, at least for me, under about 30,000 psi. The new stuff I have been using in 7.62X39 and it works great. It just isn't the powder it was 30 years ago when it was MP5744 from Israel.

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longhunter posted this 10 May 2018


What load and rifle are you using the 7.62X39 in?

I really didn't need to hear that.  I have an 8 # keg of it!


Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret. 608 797 0056

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R. Dupraz posted this 10 May 2018

Nothing is as it was 30 yrs ago. When i got involved with the CBA military matches maybe ten yrs ago, started using old  powders left over from the 60's. in my military rifles. IMR & Hodgdon 4227, IMR 4198 and 4756. They eventually ran out, so had to start replacing with the newer versions except for 4756 which was discontinued,. The consistent accuracy noticeably suffered over time 

I once was a dedicated IMR 4227 shooter but of late have been experimenting with  the newer 2400 which has shown some good results in my military  rifles.




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billglaze posted this 11 May 2018

About 4 or 5 years ago, 5744 was the best powder for my cast rifle shooting; I liked it so much that I got an 8 lb. jug, which shot extremely poorly.  I contacted the factory; they informed me that the loads I was using, (.308 Win., 6mm Rem) were "too light" for the powder,  I asked him if there had been a change; he informed me that they had changed manufacturers and the new powder "was getting more velocity with less pressure."  Exactly what I didn't want.  I asked him just what were the recommended loads for cast bullets with 5744. The loads were altogether too hot, and patently unusable for my needs.  Situation remains the same; I've got a jug of powder that's unusable, at least for me.


In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is. My fate is not entirely in Gods hands, if I have a weapon in mine.

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RicinYakima posted this 11 May 2018

 Jon, I am using 22.0 grains of new 5744 with the Sierra 125 SP and the Hornady 123 grain SP. Both are very accurate in my Handi-Rifle and CZ. Ric

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Wineman posted this 11 May 2018

Ric, that is a fantastic idea. I have a CA compliant Yugo M59/66 (no grenades for us CA folk) that I will try it out on. Funny story; My friend who has a FFL did the transfer between private parties for me on this SKS. No issue, 10 days and back to my place. Many months later I get a cryptic call from my friend to meet him but not to talk on the phone. Strange, out of money, a BAR to get rid of, did not have a real FFL? Met him at the local Quickie Mart. He has an internet pic of the standard M59/66 with the (NATO Spec?) grenade launcher. In CA this is a "Destructive Device" and not to be possessed. He thinks he did a transfer of said DD and his life as he knew it was over. I calmly inform him that these were sold originally through Big 5 sporting goods in CA and that the grenade launcher was replaced by a muzzle brake. I'm not sure what I have for light 30 cal but a bag of 0.312 FMJ's is probably not too bad.


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