2018 42nd National Tournament

2018 42nd National Tournament

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The National Tournament, by Edward Camp

This coming September the Cast Bullet Association will be holding its 42nd National Tournament.  This is 42 years of competition to find out who’s cast bullet shoots better than others and as well if not better, than jacketed bullets.  These shooters take the time and effort to cast the "perfect” bullet that will shoot the smallest groups at both 100 and 200 yards and shoot the best scores at the same yardages. 

This 42nd National Tournament will take place over the weekend of September 8th & 9th at the Pioneer Gun Club, near Kansas City, Missouri.  We will be there from Thursday September 6th through Sunday September 9th.  On Thursday and Friday, before the actual National Tournament Match, we will host a Military Rifle Match, an Offhand Match and a Quarter-Bore Match.  This year we are introducing a new match, called the "Little Bore” Match.  This is a match for .25 caliber rifles and below, any rifle, any scope.  This means you can shoot your .257 Roberts, 243 or .244 or .223 rifle, even a 17 caliber can be shot in this.  These are fun matches that are also awarded a plaque at the award ceremony on Sunday.   Please note on the National Tournament Entry Form that the Military Rifle Match is not listed as this is handled separately from the Tournament and you pay the entry when you sign up for it at the range. 

Please also fill out completely an Equipment Form and send in with your entry form to provide us with your equipment and loading information. 

Pioneer Gun Club has hosted many of our National Tournaments in the past.  They provide us with an excellent scoring team and target setters/retrievers teams.  A catered dinner is available on Saturday night and has always been a favorite with our members.  You must sign up for this meal in advance, so the cater supplier knows how many persons to serve.  There is a spot on the entry form for this.  Lunch is also available on Friday and over the weekend at a reasonable cost. 

Pioneer has several electrical hookups for motorhomes but does not have sewage disposable. There is also plenty of room for tents and other shelters.  The clubhouse has restrooms equipped with showers (bring your own soap and towels) for both men and women.  There is also a small kitchen with oven and microwave for use.   

We will be using their main rifle range which is 100 and 200 yards with a moving backer system, to allow national records for group to be set.  Several records have been set here in the past.  The range is covered and equipped with a concrete pad and benches.  If you look at our CBA Web Page in the "Gallery” at the 2016 & 2017 Nationals, the pictures have been taken at Pioneer, so you get the idea of the benches and range.  There is another 100-yard range available for practice, which you can do on Thursday or Friday when it’s not being used by their members.  

As we have seen this spring, no one has control over the weather so bring clothes for all occasions. We suggest you make a "checklist” early so you don’t forget any of your gear, it’s hard to run home and get it.  Also, many shooters bring items they want to sell.  There is a covered patio that many set-up and sell their unneeded firearm items.  The most important item you can bring is an expectation to have fun and enjoy a great National Tournament!  SEE YOU THERE