LeadeX Flux?

  • Last Post 10 February 2015
Oquawka posted this 07 January 2015

I received a letter from a CBA member asking if LeadeX Flux is still being made and where he can find it. Does anyone know?

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Goatwhiskers posted this 08 February 2015

Just saw this. IMHO you should tell your friend he'd be a lot better off to use sawdust or shavings, preferably pine. Most sawdust is free. Just don't use sawdust from treated lumber or plywood. GW

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Oquawka posted this 10 February 2015

Thanks, I have never tried sawdust. I have tried cat litter. I have found starting with clean lead helps.

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nimrod posted this 10 February 2015

I haven't seen any of the Lead-X flux around for a long time it was a good product. Lately I have been using Boraxo Powdered Hand Soap it works great cheap too you can buy it at the grocery store. It takes just a small sprinkle on top of the melt let it cook for a bit it'll turn into what looks like styrofoam then I break that up on the sides of the pot and stir and mix into the melted lead then skim off the floaters smells good too that's a plus. RB

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