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Maven posted this 07 November 2015

I have a Ruger Old Army, which was once a reliable shooter, but over the years has needed several hammer strikes to ignite caps.  Needless to say, it doesn't inspire confidence when you're shooting a match or off the bench.  Btw, this happens with both #10 and @11 caps, regardless of brand, and apparently regardless of whether the factory or Uncle Mike's nipples are installed. Mike Beliveau, who writes on another forum and is the shooting editor of “Guns of the Old West” magazine, has been using SLIXshot nipples in various BP revolvers and was impressed with them.  A few weeks ago, I decided to order some, hoping they'd make my ROA 100% reliable.  They arrived quickly enough and installation was a breeze.  Remington #10 percussion caps fit perfectly, so I was optimistic that the SLIXshot nipples would solve my problem. Today I took the ROA to the range and fired 30 shots and am deliriously happy to report that all went well:  No misfires, no second hammer falls, and no caps jammed on the nipples.  It is an excellent product, which “rescued” the ROA from Safe Queen to active shooter.  You can find more about SLIXshot nipples here (scroll to bottom of page):  <url=>

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delmarskid1 posted this 07 November 2015

Thanks for the post. Mine was getting like yours. I changed the hammer spring and it got better. It's due for nipples.

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mckg posted this 08 November 2015

Thank you for the tip.

Compared to Italian nipples, my ROA's were straight versus slightly conical. CCI caps would stick on them, but RWS's would not.

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Maven posted this 08 November 2015

You're both most welcome!  Btw, installation requires a slotted nipple wrench that's a tad narrower than those used to remove some rifle nipples.  The one I use has a Chapman ratcheting handle and slotted bit with a hexagonal shank that fits said handle.  If I recall correctly, Ted Cash sells it.

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