We got off to a slow start last year and it may not be much better this year. However for those interested I will try to keep you up to date. Last year I had two classes of both pistol and rifle. This created some problems for Mike Kastning, director of postal for CBA. He pointed out to me that this gave a possible twenty four or so winners each month depending on how many entries he got. So to make life easier we have dropped to one class each. Pistol is a separate class and rifle is a separate class. Because of this I decided to leave them as open classes. Shoot your pistol or rifle as is or make any changes you like. Any barrel, stock, scope etc. They belong to you, bring them and shoot. Have fun and be safe. There are several makes and models of both pistols and rifles in this category and it would be just to hard to place restrictions. I feel there is only so much you can do to one anyway. To be honest my stock versions have done just as well for me. But that might just be me. It will be interesting to see. We have wrote a article for the Fouling Shot to help get the word out. Sorry I was late getting it to Glen for print so you won't see it until March/April addition. For this year a total of six postal matches of both score and group are scheduled. The first will be Winter Benchrest due by March 1. Then match 6 and 6A, May, June, July and August. Ending with a October match 16 that will be included with lever/pump and auto. Also you may enter a registered CBA shoulder to shoulder shoot. Contact the match director before going. This is legal but by available space. Just enter in BOXH pistol or rifle.