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CyberPirate posted this 30 January 2016

Ok, first of all if this is in the wrong place, please forgive me moderator, only my second post and i didnt see where to exactly put this, please move if you feel it needs to be done, now to my question.  My dad gave me a Remington model 770, yes its one of those with problems, he was tired of fooling with it, you have to open the bolt then insert the clip,or bullet then close the bolt.  Its a .308, came with a scope, my question is:  is this a disqualification from shooting in a match, I hope to enter a postal match when and if I feel good enough with the gun.  So would that manner of loading be a problem?  Again if this is in the wrong place im VERY sorry.

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Brodie posted this 30 January 2016

CyberPirate, I do not see how that method of loading could be a problem unless you are in some sort of match that is timed over the course of shooting, and the way you must reload is too slow. By the way I am NO EXPERT on postal match rules.  I shot my first one this last December. Brodie


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Westhoff posted this 30 January 2016

Pretty sure you"ll have no problems with any Cast Bullet match, Postal or Shoulder to Shoulder at your nearest Gun club. The only matches CBA holds where you are NOT REQUIRED to single load are some of the pistol matches.

Go to the CBA home page here on the computer, and you can pull up the rules for both Postal and shoulder to shoulder matches.


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tturner53 posted this 30 January 2016

Yep. Not a problem. Bang away. What match are you thinking of? I've heard reports of good accuracy from those cheap Remingtons. They do know how to make barrels. Off the shelf hunting rifles these days going under MOA! Good times.

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