Postal targets.......Returned to sender??

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loco posted this 10 May 2016

Hi folks. I entered the postal matches this year, for the first time. I sent in my targets for the No. 7 match, on April 28th. I got those same targets returned yesterday. They were marked, wrong address,please forward....unable to forward.....return to sender?  Name and address match on target, CBA site, and my envelope. Dan Hudson  1718 E. College St. Iowa City, Iowa. 52245. Did I miss something? Thanks, Loco

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John Alexander posted this 11 May 2016

I will check with Dan about his address. I am away from home so don't have access to his address here. John

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loco posted this 11 May 2016

Sounds great. Thanks John. 

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Dan H posted this 13 May 2016

Did John get back to you? The address is correct and you should take it back to the PO and have them remail it, I have only lived here for 53 years! Dan

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loco posted this 13 May 2016

Thanks Dan,and John also. I will resend it when I can. I SHOULD keep old eyes didn't take well to the black sight AND the black bull!! But,fun never the less. As for your address, you probably didn't come up on the drivers new laserfonic ,9000 ,solar powered, Gps ,wind back up, liquid crystal, I-phone watch. ;)

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