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Maven posted this 18 August 2016

waksupi/Ric Carter posted this over on the Cast Boolits site earlier today: North Star West closing<url=> Matt is in pretty poor health. It is taking him much longer to get things done in the shop. There are so many orders stacked up, he figured it is only fair to not take orders until we can catch up, and then may resume taking orders next spring. Hopefully someone will buy the company and keep it going, as it has been a mainstay in muzzleloaders since I started shooting them over forty years ago, and Curly Gostomski was running it. So saying, I may find my self out of steady work by the end of winter. I'll be taking on orders for custom work building flintlocks, so I would appreciate people spreading the word.

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pat i. posted this 27 August 2016

Thanks for posting this Paul. I've been fighting the urge to order a trade gun and this makes it easy. Maybe down the road I'll contact Ric and see what he has to offer and get a price. I thought NSW made their own locks so I wonder what will take it's place?

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Maven posted this 27 August 2016

You're most welcome, pat!  NSW trade guns have an excellent and well deserved reputation even if they do make their own locks.  Never heard a complaint about the guns or the locks. Trade guns are fun to experiment with, but there's a bit of a learning curve until you discover how the gun best digests round balls* and what diameter it shoots best with.  Although not rifled, you'll be surprised at their accuracy. The attached pic was shot @ 25 yd. with my Green River Forge <Barnett?> trade gun using a .597” - .598” RB, .018” pillow tick patch, and 80 gr. Diamondback FFg. *patched?  OP wads + RB + OS wad?  Paper cartridge?

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Dirtybore posted this 30 August 2016

I hate seeing a muzzleloading outfit go under but old age gets each and every one of us. If one is interested in a quality Tradegun or Fowler, allow me to suggest Caywood Gun Makers. They also make quality firearms.

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