1895 winchester

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sluggo posted this 4 weeks ago

I have come into possession of a 1895 Winchester. It has been reblued so it is not a collector's item. It is a takedown model. The weird thing is that when I went to take it down I had to unthread the barrel. The barrel does not have interrupted threads. The barrel is unmarked. It locks up tight with no play and does not close on a field gage. Does this sound right? Could it have been rebarreled or were some 95's made like this? I am a little concerned about shooting it. It is in 30-06 cal. The previous owners son said it was his dads hunting rifle. That could be true or false I do not know. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 4 weeks ago

a really cool old gun.  you really should be kind to it and not shoot full loads even if it is tight .

sounds like you are close in headspace.  you can do a redneck crutch test by choosing three different 30-06 brass and put one layer of scotch magic tape behind the base and try all three ... if it doesn't close on even one with the tape, you have a nice tight one.  if all close, try 2 layers of tape.  if it still closes easily, i personally would tighten it up.  since it doesn't close on a " field " gauge ... you will be ok with a few mild cast loads.

the above is not professional, but actually works       98     per cent of the time.


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ALYMAN#1 posted this 4 weeks ago

I have one that my father got from his brother years ago, it is in 30-03 caliber (long neck 30-06 for 220 gr?bullet).  It will unlock with even cast bullet loads and has also has been reblued in the 50's.  Have done considerable research on the unlocking problem to no avail, but have my doubts on safety of this gun, so have done little with it over the years.  It shows primer backing out the last time I tried it with light loads.  There is interesting articles in leverguns website under article/model_1895.  Disassembly is available in NRA firearms assembly my copy is 1993 , page 310-311.  See also the 1886 disassembly on the take down model on pages 306-307.

Hope this helps.


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sluggo posted this 4 weeks ago

Thank you. I think I have that book and will check that out. My friend brought over a 30-06 no go gage and the bolt does not close on it. I will check and see if it is 30-03 chambered. I believe the 30-03 had a longer neck than the 30-06 otherwise they were the same? I guess my concern is the unmarked barrel. The markings could have been removed when it was reblued or it is from somewhere else. I could not find out so far if any original takedown barrels were fully threaded instead of having interrupted threads. I would like to try some cast loads in it.

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Wheel Weights posted this 4 weeks ago

Yes the 30-03 is a long neck 30-06 and also the basis for the 270 WCF.

Winchester never made a takedown with uninterrupted threads. Your bbl is not original.

If it is unmarked it is not a Winchester bbl.

Fireform some cases with the Zeglin method and load to 30-30 levels. Should be fun and won't kick the snot outta you as 95s do with full loads.

Post some pics. No markings on the bbl at all ???

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sluggo posted this 4 weeks ago

I cannot find any markings on the barrel. They might have been removed when it was refinished. I like the idea of reduced loads. I think that steel cresent butt plate would leave a nice rasberry with full power loads.not the best but here are some pics.

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ALYMAN#1 posted this 3 weeks ago

Dug the old beast out and did some investigation that I have not done before.  Ending up replacing the lever link/bolt pin with a section of 11/64" drill bit 0.175" dia x about 0.832" long section due to both link ends being several thousandths small (hope it is not too hard- I'd rather replace pin than wear lever ends).  It is now tighter.  Loaded several 270 cases expanded to 30 cal with starting load of H4895 and a cast bullet to try when I get to range next.  Will update later.

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beltfed posted this 3 weeks ago

IF it has a 30-03 chamber, best brass to start with is 280 Rem brass which is longer than the 270 or 30-06 brass.

You need to do a chamber cast to determine the chambering.

(Sounds like it is a replacement barrel. Probably now an actual 30-06 chamber.)


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sluggo posted this 3 weeks ago

Thanks: I have determined that it is a 30-06 chambering. Looking forward to trying some mild loads in it.

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