200 yard Coyote Experiences

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tlkeizer posted this 14 November 2018


Having taken on the challenge of can I hit a coyote at 200 yards with a cast bullet, I can give a resounding "sometimes if given enough cartridges".  My first of 2 targets was interesting, even though not very outstanding.  First I tried a number of combinations of powder and charges.  The bullets given me for the 25-06 weighed 90 grains, I have no mold of my own yet (emphasis on yet).  I tried H414, Unique, Green Dot, and one other powder, all in at least two charges.  The best result was Unique, 7 grains.  The H414 sometimes gave a hang-fire if I did not raise the muzzle before firing, not a good thing and no longer used.  When loading at first I noticed an ever-so-slight ring of lead after seating the bullet on occasion, and when mentioning this to my shooting buddy he said he had an expander for reloading his 25-20 and loaned it to me for a short while.  This helped my groups considerably but not world class groups yet.  After a number of load combinations I settled on the best for me with barely enough bullets left over for the coyotes.

     I had tried the various combinations at 50 yards, not desiring to walk back and forth a lot to the 200 yard range, energy conservation you know.  I started loading enough rounds for the first coyote, and realized there were actually 2 different bullets that had gotten mixed in the box, maybe the reason for the occasional ring.  One had a larger meplate than the other, so I loaded the most I  could of one bullet after loading some of both, finished the set , and got ready for the range. The bullets weighed the same, so I loaded them all alike.  I did not have enough cases to load all the rounds, so went with what I had.

     200 yards is reaching quite a ways without a solid rest.  I fired a couple rounds into a sighter to find where the bullets were striking, then fired a few at the coyote.  I needed a lot of Kentucky Windage.  Made the adjustment of hold position, and fired the rest from a standing position leaning against a post.  One of the bullet types gave a pretty large dispersion, scaring, wounding and killing the coyote.  The other bullet, with the slightly larger meplate, gave a good group, but had a center of mass off the coyote.  Just like live coyotes, sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't.  My spotting scope did not pick up the individual rounds from the quarter caliber, so after a few fired rounds that were checked on by walking out, I just fired the rest

     Since then I have received some heavier bullets (thank you GPIdaho), and will use some of them on coyote #2 (I have some loaded for caribou, but all I saw last time out was one caribou butt going into the woods, no shot yet).   These heavier 120 grain bullets group much better than the 90 grain bullets.  At the very least, when I buy a mold it will be in the 120 grain range.  The lighter grain bullets are not liked very well by my 25-06.  Thank you RDupraz, I appreciate you willing to give me the bullets to try.  Now I know they do not group real well with any of the powders I have on hand.  I gave what I did not load to my local shooting buddy, they work very well in his 25-20 (I believe that is it; whatever, they work well for him).

     Now, on to the second coyote.  How are the rest of you doing?


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onondaga posted this 15 November 2018

Something really helps me standing and field shooting that you might consider. The Triggerstick  monopod was very easy for me to get used to and shoot better standing. It works great for kneeling too. It works great in my penthouse box stand too. I like the way I can pull it's trigger and it quietly goes to the height and locks when you release the trigger:


Saturday is my Deer/gun opener and I'll be carrying the Triggerstick for my Rem. Spartan X39.


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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 5 weeks ago

great report, mr. keizer ....    we were surmising that the 200 yard coyote would resort in some pretty good stories, and heck here we go already with the very first recount of your adventure ....

i gotta admit that from my standpoint, maybe one of the boosters for this idea was from all the reports on facebook of endless 1/3 inch groupos at 300 to 600 yards with their new toys ... usually the very first group ever ...

... was hoping maybe some of those guys would give it a try with castings at our loveable 200 yard wiley ....  maybe they would only need 2 or 3 shots ...


guys, please feel free to let us all share your adventures with Wiley, help us get through the winter ...

ken, who ain't fired a shot at my coyote yet, but grinning just thinking about what all might go wrong ...

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Scearcy posted this 5 weeks ago


Perfect! You are confirming that cross sticks and a fence post will be required for my well seasoned physique. I am going to shoot one target with the quad sticks also.

My go to load is going to be a 243 Win, 95 gr NOE and 15-17 gr of 4198. I'll try this in two rifles.


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Scearcy posted this 4 weeks ago

The first results are in and there was a very respectable score shooting 55 gr 22 cal bullets if memory serves. Now the rest of us don't have as many alibis.


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beltfed posted this 4 weeks ago

My first target will be in the mail on Friday.


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bushranch posted this 4 weeks ago

I like to use a different rifle on these "hunts" . Settled on my old M70 FW in .308 Win. Replaced my hunting scope with a used but reliable Tasco 8x32 . Left it set on 8 x . Looked through my bullet supply , have 311299 and the Old West BOWM . Seeing who we are and what we do the BOWM is a natural . This bullet is about .302 on the nose and the gas check is a bit below the neck in this rifle. Don't really like this but will see ... Load picked was a reliable one in the .303 British  , 15 grains of A 2400 x Fed 215 . Range was quiet this AM and I got it sighted in at 200 yards and it shoots fine. Got home and found my Coyote has arrived ! Bit of a surprise as Canada Post is doing rotating walkouts and there are over 600 semi loads of US mail waiting to enter the country. I also see my postal estimate was a bit light. Thanks Jim and I will get back to you on this . Now to work out how I shoot this match.  Had a good Coyote Day .. Rus 

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Scearcy posted this 4 weeks ago

Happy Thanksgiving coyote hunters. 

45 targets mailed plus Ken and I of course. This adds up to 1,000 CB rounds fired at coyotes. I worry that we might be the cause of coyotes becoming extinct.


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Brodie posted this 4 weeks ago


the only thing in danger of becoming extinct is our postal fund.


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Scearcy posted this 3 weeks ago

You have all realized by now that mailing these targets is good for the USPS but possibly not so good for your casting fund. Remember that you have the option to self score. Just record your score on the bottom of the tech sheet and only return the tech sheet to Ken.


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beltfed posted this 3 weeks ago

PLease note Re. the Postage.

I sent back my first  folded up target by USPS, in 11.5x 9 envelope for less than $2


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max503 posted this 2 weeks ago

I'm going to be shooting Lyman 311284 - 210 grain boolits out of my 30-30 Contender.  We got big coyotes around here.cool

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Rick OShay posted this 2 weeks ago

Well since this is my first time of playing this game. I plan on using the guns that would most likley be in my truck while cruising the desert.

#1 will be my Remington 30/06 scoped

#2 will be Marlin 30/30 scoped

#3  H&R 30/30 16" barrel scoped

#4 model 94 30/30 factory sights

#5 rossi 92 .357 factory sights or savage 340 30/30 with peep sights.

All of the groups will be shot with either shooting sticks or the post on the range cover for support. Hood and side window of truck was not a option

I also will be getting help from a couple of my tween age boys shooting and working up loads.

There is a possibility of using one of my .223 for this as well but we all ready have a lot of rounds to test in the above guns listed so I dont know if we will have time before 3/1/19.

Looking forward to this and I will post my info as I go along looking for the unicorn load.  

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 2 weeks ago

... i think it was jerry lee lewis ... " whole lotta shootin' goin on ... " ....

my kind of music !!


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max503 posted this 1 weeks ago

Just got my targets.  My wife asked me why do I want to shoot at a wolf.  She said I can't hang them on the living room wall.

I'm going to use my scoped Contender 30-30 for one.

Just got a 2 cavity Lee 22 mold.  May use that for the second target.  I have a Tikka bolt action 223 with a 6x18 Leupold scope.

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Scearcy posted this yesterday

You guys are all likely way ahead of me but I thought I would share some potentially useful information. My local gun club does not have a 200 yard range. Initially I will need to sight my rifles in at 100 yards. Then on the appointed day, I will drive 60 miles to the club with the 200 yard range to shoot my targets.

In order to make the 200 yard day as easy as possible, I want to be closely zeroed for 200 yards BEFORE I leave the 100 yard range. Ok that is a long explanation. I looked up the mid range trajectory for my 243 and found that I need to be 8" to 9" high at 100 yards to be close at 200. I use a variety of scopes for shooting matches and I have never really thought about MRT in inches.

30 caliber 311299s shoot flatter but not a lot for our purposes. Try 5"-6" initially. The numbers all assume a MV of 1800 fps.

Source - Lyman Cast Bullets #3


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