.38 Super and RCBS 9MM-124-RN

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bushranger posted this 07 February 2019

The RCBS 9MM-124-RN is my bullet of choice for my "FrankenColt" (a whole 'nuther topic),.38 Super Combat Commander circa 1970.

I am currently shooting up all my NRA formula 50/50 Alox-Beeswax ammo that I have for it and intend on only shooting powder coated bullets in it from now on.  So, I am also seeking to update my loads.  I have been shooting relatively mild loads in the gun inasmuch as my handloading philosophy has always been one of moderation and safety.  However, inasmuch as a .38 Super was intended to be a hotter number (than a 9MM), and inasmuch as it has a fully supported barrel, I intend on going for a little more performance, A.K.A., "velocity", than for moderation in this particular gun only.

Therein lies the rub...there is very little published data specific to my bullet (my finished bullets weigh 130-132 grains ...I usually extrapolate using other listed data for other bullets&nbsp, of choice (please do not suggest a different bullet/mould), other than the old RCBS Cast Bullet Manual number 1.  It shows only eight powders, all of which were introduced before 1986 and then one of those (Winchester 630), has been discontinued. 

 I have found that 3N 37 has shown to be accurate in my Combat Commander using jacketed 125 grain hollow point bullets and shows promise with my RCBS bullet.  But I have to do some long distance driving to obtain any of that.

It appears that extrapolation using data specific to other bullet data will likely be necessary.  In that vein, Power Pistol looks good via the latest Lyman manuals.  

I would like others who specifically have used the RCBS 9MM-124-RN bullet in the .38 Super (1911 type autos, not revolvers please), to chime in here and let me know what kind of results you have gotten and which of the modern powders like Power Pistol, Silhouette, etc., show the most promise.  

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Eutectic posted this 07 February 2019

That is a tall order and I cannot help with the exact bullet. However I have shot many 125 -135 grain cast bullets in the Super.  Data for 130 grain jacketed bullet is a good place to start and there is plenty of it available. I too like 3n37 but Power Pistol is a close second and HS-6 is very good. I would think Auto Comp would be one to try and perhaps someone has used it in the Super. Look up my article on the Super in the Fouling Shot.

6.0 gr. PP gave 1154 fps with 125 grain cast

7.1 gr. HS-6 gives 1150 with a 130 grain cast.




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frnkeore posted this 07 February 2019

Hodgdon's give 13.0 gr Lil'gun, with a 135 gr LRN bullet as max @ 1314 fps, 1.275 COAL, Rem 1 1/2 primers. 31.5 K pressure

8.0 gr HS6 for 1190 fps. 32K pressure

I use 11.0 Lil'gun, with a 147 gr jacketed for 1207 fps and 28K. The velocity is Hodgdon's not mine. This load is very accurate, I haven't tried any ~135 gr bullets.


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bushranger posted this 07 February 2019

I tried 4.7 Titegroup today.  It did not do so bad... I was wondering what I was going to do with 8 lbs. of Titegroup.  It could be that this is going to work out after all.  

I abandoned Titegroup for my light .38 spl. loads due to position sensitivity and the acrid smell I get from the Titegroup apparently burning the powder coating (shake and bake) on the base of the 130 grain bullets.  But, with the RCBS bullet, I have made a fixture to hold and prevent the bullets from getting powder coating on the gas check recess while powder coating with an electrostatic powder coating gun.  So the resultant finished bullets do not have any powder coating on the gas checks for the Titegroup to burn...but no more shake and bake with that bullet (if I gas check after powder coating, the gas checks will not go on very well...too tight).

I will likely still try Power Pistol the next time I make a trip to the gun store.

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