7.5x55 Swiss Questions

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Johnshandloads posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi All,

I am going to start reloading for 7.5x55 Swiss (K31 rifle) and am hoping I can get a little advice before starting out. I am hoping to use cast bullets that I use in .308 rifles (the 30XCB bullet seems like it may be a good candidate for this caliber) and also I am not against experimenting a little. I would like to hear what any members here have used and had success with. Even if you did not use cast bullets I am interested. Any suggestions or help getting me started would be much appreciated. I will be using the gun for target shooting. I am in the process of buying it today and should have it in my possession this week.

Bullet weights and profiles as well as powders would be a great help to me as I am starting cold. I have looked on line and searched this forum and found some information but nothing too specific. Other forums not related to cast bullets say "it is hard to get a good 7.5x55 hand load" which I don't really believe. If I am trying to put a square peg in a round hole, please let me know. Thank you for your time.



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Maven posted this 3 weeks ago

Other forums not related to cast bullets say "it is hard to get a good 7.5x55 hand load" which I don't really believe. 

I used to have two K-31's and found little problem developing accurate loads for them with .30cal. CB's and such propellants as WC 820 (AA #9), 5744, IMR 4198, the trick was to size them to .309" and then experiment with CB design.  The 3 most accurate CB's in my guns were Ly. #311644, Ly. #311466, and Saeco #315.  Bore riders, e.g., Ly. #311291 and Lee #C-309-180R worked well if I reduced their nose diameter (special die made by the late Joe Wiest aka "the Mad Machinist"), which is ironic because their noses were too small for my .30-06, but too large for my K-31's.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 3 weeks ago

... another good source of loads for these rifles are the results from the military matches ...  as posted in * the fouling shot * , the cba journal.   the K-31 holds it's own in these matches although of course the star-spangled springfield 03 has many fans ...

a note on 5744 powder ... it was popular a few years ago ... but there have been reports that the current version is not quite as good ... something to keep in mind ...  i have a 2004 year can for my k-31 but of course traded off the k-31 before i tried it.  anybody in sw iowa wanna trade for some Unique ? 


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mashburn posted this 3 weeks ago

Hella again Ken/

What's the deal with the shortage on Unique powder. I know all powders, at least a lot of them are hard to get, but tell me why Unique. Before the big shortage started for a lot of powders, Unique was already getting very hard to find.


David a. Cogburn

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RicinYakima posted this 3 weeks ago

Cost to manufacture Unique is the issue. It uses old methods and has lots of expensive hazardous wastes to be disposed.

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delmarskid posted this 3 weeks ago

I've had half a dozen rifles in 7.5x55. I pretty much treat them like a 308. I stay away from hot top end 308 data as I like the 1911 model over the K31 . The 1911 is said to be less suited to the 55,000p.s.i. stuff. Great rifles, just a treat to shoot. I enjoy mine every bit as much as my Springfield.

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Wineman posted this 3 weeks ago

The short throat and lack of camming action of the straight pull have been my issues. I agree, my tests with a recent pound of 5744 using 20 gr over a 311299 were very inaccurate compared to 16gr Al 2400 or 28 gr of Varget. Wild flyers barely on the paper with no real explanation. I have been told that 5744 has had three different manufacturers over the years. The newest one missed the boat. I did pick up a jug of Unique in March at a very good price. Glad I did.


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Maven posted this 3 weeks ago

Dave, 12.0gr. Unique should do quite well as a starting load in your K-31 with #311299.

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Wheel Weights posted this 3 weeks ago

NOE makes a specific mold for the K31. Works very well in mine.

The 1889 is a different animal requiring a long bullet.


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Johnshandloads posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks for all the replies guys. I appreciate your input. I hope to get rolling on this soon. Lots of irons in lots of fires at the moment.

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skeet1 posted this 2 weeks ago

Until I started using the NOE K31 bullet I used the Lee/Harris bullet meant for the 7.62X39. This bullet fit the K31's short throat and shot fairly well.

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45 2.1 posted this 2 weeks ago

Since the thread title is about the 7.5x55 Swiss, I would like to point out there are some big differences in what model you are trying to work with. The K-31 is a wonderfully accurate rifle.... with jacketed and less so with cast. The G-11 is a reasonably accurate rifle with either type projectile. The shining star of the 7.5x55 rifles with cast is the K-11. It outclasses any of the others and is easy to feed..... simply cast the RCBS 308-165-Sil out of wheelweights or less harder alloy, size and gascheck in an oversize die and load with Unique (11.3 gr. works well).

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Wheel Weights posted this 2 weeks ago

Better load up 1000 ---- you may need them come November.


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delmarskid posted this 2 weeks ago

Yessir, I do love those foot long Schmidt actions

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