annealing gas checks

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porthos posted this 22 August 2019

with the recent remarks about gas checks;  how do you guys anneal gas checks?

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Ross Smith posted this 22 August 2019

I don't.

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Eutectic posted this 22 August 2019

Years ago a local sporting goods store burned down. I visited the wreckage and there in the reloading section were piles of nicely annealed gas checks. I gathered up a bunch and being a cheapskate used them. They were very soft and you could bend them with your fingers. In my standard loads I could see no difference in accuracy.

I use disc checks applied to cast bullets and these are half hard brass. Used on gascheck heel and compared to factory checks there was no difference.

The question is why would you want to do this? Has anyone seen an advantage?


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Bud Hyett posted this 23 August 2019

I had a section of gas pipe, four inch diameter and eight inches long, with caps on both ends.

  • Drilled a relief hole in one end.
  • Added 2,000 6 mm gaschecks.
  • Added small strips of wood to burn.
  • Threw in a wood fire for three hours.
  • Raked out of fire and let cool
  • Opened to a mass of black gas checks
  • Ran through the tumbler to clean with little effect
  • Poured Coca-Cola on them, they fizzed and cleaned up

After all this, I could not show improved accuracy plus they were delicate to size with. Any misalignment going into the sizing die meant the gascheck was crooked as it would not slide softly and correct itself. 

All in all, a waste of time.

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max503 posted this 23 August 2019

I could see doing this for 22 caliber gas checks.  So little pressure in the sizing process will deform the bullet.  Seems a soft gas check would reduce the amount of force needed to seat the gas check.

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