No doubt I'm not the first to discover this, but ER makes for a good substitute case sizing lubricant in a pinch.  I was preparing some fired 32-20 cases and found that I was out of the spray-on lube I'd been using for years to full-length resize cases.  So, I dribbled some ER on a towel, rolled the cases on it a small handful at a time, and proceeded to process the brass.  Worked like a charm--although with my mixed bag of 32-20 brass I noticed that the cases that took the most effort to resize looked like they had numerous scratches.  I removed my die from the press and swabbed it with a couple of tight fitting patches and JB bore polish.  No difference--cases that took the most effort looked scratched while cases that resized easily emerged pristine.  Could it be that what looks like scratches to me is actually very fine longitudinal wrinkles?  Don't know why this occurred with only about a third of the cases, which are a mixed bag of Starline, W-W, and R-P--they were all fired in my Marlin 1894CL, and nearly all with a load of 9g IMR 4227 behind a SAECO 98g bullet or an RCBS 120g bullet.  There may also have been some which had been loaded with a charge of 4g Unique.