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bushranch posted this 25 January 2018

Range session yesterday . 2 shooters had Chronographs (one Christmas gift) and another shooter had a Labradar.  Was new to me and was a quick easy setup . Sits on a small stand about 6 inches back from the front right edge of the bench. Point it at the target via as little plastic tube and shoot. Has a screen on the rear where you can check the reading without moving . He was shooting .243 & .223 and it picked up the speeds w/o issue , Even the .223 BT's. It the distant past I had experience with the hand held Speed Gun revenue generators so this thing caught my attention. Any users out there? Conditions + 44 bright winter sun.

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GP Idaho posted this 26 January 2018

bushranch: The LabRadar is #1 on my wish list.  I use the CED Millennium chronograph with few complaints, it works very well but has a few limitations.  It would sure be nice to ditch the sky screens and being able to measure velocity at set distances would be handy for finding at what distance the bullet went from sonic to subsonic. (If that range is within the units capability)  Gp

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