Crude Bullet Feeder, RCBS Lube/Sizer! / Lee Bullet Feeder Adapted to the Green Machine

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SavvyJack posted this 10 August 2019

Well, I was looking for my Lee ,428 resizing die when I discovered I never had one. A bit peeved, I wanted to resize some .432 Oregon Trail "Lazer cast" bullets "yesterday" in order to go shoot this morning. Gotta love that procrastination right?

Well, I was using my RCSB lubesizer when I got lazy....decided to see what I could do to speed up the process. Two hours later ( I know...what speed)...I came up with this crude contraption. No plans, just build as I go. I like it so much I may rebuild it with better components.

Go easy on me, I am a rookie!!!

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 10 August 2019

... that is so cool !! ....  how about interchangeable tips for different bullets ? ... 

..oh oh, how about a cable & pulleys linkage so your sizer handle slides the slide ... little coil spring to return slide to zero .

good stuff.



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R. Dupraz posted this 10 August 2019

Rookie ? Don't think that word applies ! Admire your ingenuity and craftmanship. Love those gadgets.



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SavvyJack posted this 10 August 2019

Thanks guys, getting the Lee Bullet Feeder adapted too!!! The reason I could not roll crimp is because I could not run the die down far enough. Thus seat with that step and roll crimp with the following step. I cut the end off of the Lee die a while back to seat bullets deeper in a custom case. It will still work but did not want to swap dies. Ignore the 45 Colt bullet box!


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