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Ross Smith posted this 10 November 2018

Ok, we've hashed this over before, but.... 

I am getting what I think is a little lube-powder fouling junk around the neck of my cases in my John Ardito rifle. You either use John's method loose seated buulets in the cartridge or breach seat the bullets to fit the throat and the bullets are cast to fit the throat. I don't have a bump die and wish I did. The cases are fire formed and then never sized again, not even neck sized. They fit as tight in the chamber as they ever will.

Do I need a different lube, less lube? I'm using wl 2500+ It's a sorta hot hot load at 2000+fps and no lube didn't work at all. The stuff also goos up the barrel after 5-10 shots, 5 shots now that it is cold.

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frnkeore posted this 10 November 2018

 The only help that I have, is what is used in mid Oregon, a little warmer than UT.

Mel Harris (he holds 25 CBA records) uses a "Star" lube.

Chuck Allen (very competitive with Mel) uses Red Angle

Another uses Orange 44

Others list Star Red, I don't know if it's the same as what Mel calls Star.

Velocity's for all the better GC shooters is between 1950 & 2050 fps.

I do not know where you can obtain them, either, I use a different one for my PB loads. Maybe someone else can supply that info.


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