Lyman 225415 - fill one or both lube grooves?

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max503 posted this 29 October 2018

I've been lubing one groove and shooting it out of a 10" Contender 22 Hornet barrel with good results.  I'm going to try this bullet in my bolt action 223 Tikka.  With the longer barrel should I fill both lube grooves or stay with one?

I use Felix World Famous Lube, Lyman gas checks, and a Lyman 450(?) lubrisizer.


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JeffinNZ posted this 29 October 2018

Try it and see.  Increasingly I am using less lube. 

Cheers from New Zealand

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John Alexander posted this 29 October 2018

If it works well in the Contender I would stick with the same load. In my opinion, the theory that some bullets "run out of lube" in a long barrel isn't well supported by actual testing. It might be true for black powder which I have no experience with.

I shoot mostly 22 cast bullets including the 225415 and usually lube only the tiny space ahead of the gas check I have never found a problem in barrels as long as 26".

If your Tikka has an eight inch twist as mine does, it will stabilize bullets up to .9" which may be easier to shoot than the very short bullets meant for 14" twist. I have found that both NOE 22570RN and 22780SP shoot well in my Tikka. The 80 grain bullet is much better in the wind than anything else available for ranges over 100 yards.

Good luck.


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max503 posted this 29 October 2018

Thanks.  I'll stick with one groove.  I only have the one mold, but heck.  I'll try it.  If it shoots, it shoots.  I'd love to get 200 yards out of that gun.  If so I'll use it for the coyote target shoot.

There is little or no additional space in the gas check groove in front of the gas check with my bullets.  I'm using Lyman gas checks. 

Wow.  80 grains.  That's a big'un!


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shastaboat posted this 01 November 2018

I've always been a fan of the Loverine style cast bullets in any caliber.  I just like all that lube that is available.  I can't believe that any extra lube that the barrel doesn't use up will hurt a thing.  It's always nice to see that lube star on the muzzle.  BTW I'm shooting LEE's 55 gr out of my 20" Browning A-Bolt and two other rifles with 10 gr of 2400 at 2000 fps.  Is good on ground squirrels out to over 200 yards.


Because I said so!

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