Lyman/Ideal 308334 clone?

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tturner53 posted this 08 December 2016

Several years ago I bought a nice 03a3 from a member here. He used it to win many matches back when. His advice was use the load he used, or go off diking around. I have a very old Ideal single cavity that I 'beagle' up a tad but would like a new mold. .311 would be good, double cavity. Where to find my new mold?  ( Yes, I went off diking around and have come back to this bullet). The 308334 is accurate in the 30-06 03a3 and fits nicely in the case neck, like it should.

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R. Dupraz posted this 09 December 2016

You might want to take a look at the NOE web site. They have quite a selection of 30 cal  molds, some of which are clones of other makers. In my “03” versions of the Lyman 311299 and 31499 work very well. And NOE's clone of the Lyman 311332 shoots very well in my old Israelie  K-98 7.62x51 military match gun.

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longhunter posted this 14 December 2016

My favorite is the 311284.

next 311299.

Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret. 608 797 0056

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GWarden posted this 14 December 2016

Have a 03A3 that does best with the 311335

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SierraHunter posted this 15 December 2016

The most accurate 30 caliber bullet that I have personally used is the 200gn NEI DD design. I've used it with very good results in several guns.

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