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joeb33050 posted this 18 October 2018






Wolf No Grease Groove bullets, 1.27” long, 217 gr,  LLA, Soft Gas Checks in case mouths, Savage M10 heavy barrel, 308 Win, Titegroup powder, seated bullets at the range


9 gr 1259 fps


10 gr. 1336 fps


11 gr. 1403 fps


12 gr. 1481 fps


5 shot 100 yard groups


 first, 9 gr 1.9”


second, 10 gr, 1.55”


third, 11 gr, 2.5”


fourth, 12 gr, 1.6”


fifth, 9 gr, 1.6”


sixth, 10 gr, 1.65”


seventh, ~10”, wild, leading?, GC bullets to clean out leading?, 314299 GC AA#9, 1 shot high, 5 shots in .75


eighth, 12 gr,3.75”


Barrel had some lead, cleaned easily with Lead Away patches.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 18 October 2018

thanks, joe .... that is kind of a teaser .....  

those old ipco wads are pretty cool ....

how tight a fit were the no-luber bullets in the throat  ??

 ..... the tightness question because we are guessing that " lube " might be some kind of gasket , at least at the first inch or two ...


it seems there are all kinds of greases that keep the leading down just fine  ... but some are goofy in the accuracy department ....   i guess bullets that only lead the last few inches in the barrel run out of grease ?? ....

if you have a supply of those bare bullets, i could make you a simple swage to give a straight taper of 0.313 down ....

thanks again... ken

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joeb33050 posted this 18 October 2018

I designed and Werner Wolf made the molds for 30,32 and 45 cal bullets-at the time I was looking for high BC, long range. I gave the molds away. With plastic wads-Merrill Martin, or 1/8" of cow over bp, no leading at lower velocities. 

I will try to get a GC mold, ~1" long, pointy-looking like a jacketed bullet. I think the GC will cure leading.

Today's bullet has a .312" base and .302"/.303" dia long nose-there's too much lead touching the barrel. First try with Titegroup, haven't shot this barrel for  years- but probably would shoot 2" at 100 with some work. Titegroup is the new Unique?. 



















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Ross Smith posted this 19 October 2018

I tried some very minimal lubing today, just the area ahead of the gas check and the bottom driving band. 35 shots, no leading. They are hard bullets as per John Ardito's advice, 3:1 Lino:ww. fwiw


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joeb33050 posted this 25 October 2018

"cove" has the .30 NGG mold, offered it to me, I can't cast. Anyone want to try the mold and the bullets, and report here? If so, let me know and the mold will move. If you'll try them, the mold will come! 

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 25 October 2018

hey joe .. if nobody else wants to try, i would give it a whirl ... it would be great to let off a box or two at some 200 yard coyotes .... 

... but my tests would be with plain base, so not a good test of how much speed one could get with them by adding a gas check ...


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joeb33050 posted this 27 October 2018

Wrote to "COVE" who has the mold, asked him to send it to you. ??

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 27 October 2018

.....  adventure is in progress ..

my interest in grooveless lead bullets has always been the thought that IF they would work for some apps, then we could have $10 bullet swagers ...

i have tried several $10 bullet swagers over the years, but so far have not been a threat to standard molded castings.  is it the grooves, or just we can't do the swaging correctly ??

maybe need a $12 bullet swager ?? ...

...also, this will give me a reason to shoot 30 cal.,   i have always thought 30 cal was boring ... but now it is looking interesting !! ... young again !!! ??  ...

thanks for the opportunity ...



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