NOE mold 315-121-WFN-BB2 PB

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Coydog posted this 27 March 2019

I had post this on another site and no replies on it. Maybe someone her can help 

NOE mold 315-121-WFN-BB2 PB

I just got this mold and like to know if anyone have the min start data to load in a 327 mag and 32 H&R mag ? Also what would be good BHN to use with the PB. It will be use in BH ,SP101 and a H&R Handi Rifle . All in 327 Mag.. I have the powders of 2400,Red Dot, Bullseye, Unique and some others. 
Thank you in advance.

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M3 Mitch posted this 28 March 2019

I think people are reluctant to recommend a load to you, and would rather see you take a look in a published loading manual, or at load data from powder manufacturers online.  If you don't find data for 327/32 H&R magnums as such, you can use 32 S&W data, confident that your pressures will only be lower for a given load, same as you can load 38 Special data with .357 Magnum brass and not get into trouble with pressure.

My 2019 Hodgdon manual lists up to a 100 grain JHP for the 32 H&R Magnum, for the 327,up to a 115 grain cast bullet.  Your chosen bullet is more like a 32-20 bullet than for these smaller cases, apparently.

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4060may posted this 28 March 2019

with a 120 gr cast, bank scrap 11BHN, similar to 311008, sized .313, Carnuba Red lube, Winchester SP primers,4.7 grains of SR7625, or Unique 4.5 grains, load used in my Ruger SP101

problem with the .327FM is most of the loading manuals only go to 115 grain bullets

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Coydog posted this 28 March 2019

I know that data out there only gose up to 115 grs.  that is why I ask about  where might be able to start .Thank you 4060may  that will give me a place to start  ,I know there is not much data is out there for the 327 .I remember when it first came out for how hard it is to where to start with the data. 

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4060may posted this 29 March 2019


I have some files I downloaded from different sources

I believe they are in .pdf, if interested, I would send them to you, not sure if I can attach to PM, may need a email

are you the individual that did the write up on BPCR? if so I have given it to many noobs, nice job...


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Coydog posted this 29 March 2019

I am not the one that did the write up on BPCR  . I am interested in what you can come up with I will PM you my email address  thank you

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delmarskid posted this 30 March 2019

I'm shooting 120's in my 327. I use 32 h&r data or 32-20 data for rifles.

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Coydog posted this 31 March 2019

Thank you delmarskid  for letting me know I will do that .  

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delmarskid posted this 01 April 2019

You're welcome

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