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Hoppy posted this 15 August 2018

Does anybody have any info or experience with the "new" Magnetospeed chronographs? Any low or high velocity problems? Can the V3 model be used with handguns? Any problems particular to lead/cast bullets? Any and all other comments and thoughts and evaluations would be most welcome!

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mrbill2 posted this 15 August 2018

Check out You Tube.


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joeb33050 posted this 16 August 2018

I have the Sporter model; just checked and have records of 146 loads chronographed with my target of 13 shots per load. One low velocity load required re-setting sensitivity, aside from that, it has never missed a shot. It has not affected accuracy, is much easier to use than skyscreens-I'm sold!

Pistols, muzzle brakes, silencers - maybe one could figure out  a solution, but a piece of barrel ~3'" long is needed to strap it on. Front sights-no problem.

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corerftech posted this 18 August 2018

love mine, had it for a few years now (5).

Used it for CF, RF, HPA. No issues. If you can make a shim for it, you can likely fit it to anything.

Tune sensitivity for a specific app.

As Joe said, 3 inch of tube is needed. Fat barrels (suppressors, etc) will be a problem, have to work around.

Iphone app doesnt work for me!! That parts sucks, the BT adaptor!

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Hoppy posted this 18 August 2018

Thanks for the feedback; seems like the device is pretty adaptable to most of the odd stuff I might encounter when chronographing.

But I have to plead some ignorance. I assume that CF is centerfire, and RF is rimfire, but what do HPA and BT stand for?

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