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Wineman posted this 01 January 2018

HNY everyone!

Got a set of RCBS 38 ACP/Super dies from a friend. Probably from the 70's #1 and 77 on the sizer. They appear to be all steel. No sign of a carbide ring. Nothing on the box to indicate TC. I disassembled and cleaned them, no real rust, but the lock nuts were really locked and needed Kroil to coax them loose (plus channel lock pliers). Everything looks good but the sizer has a thin ring that looks like it would be at the case mouth. I tried oil and some 0000 steel wool but it is still there. Not sure if it is part of the die or a wear/rust ring. It has a slight feel when a cleaning patch is pushed past it. Is this a normal part of the die or just neglect? I have not tried to size and cases yet but maybe later today.

As always, thank you.


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BigMan54 posted this 02 January 2018

Maybe some one used these dies to load .38 Smith & Wesson. Over time the brass "sprinkles/shavings" may have built up in that area. I used to use an old LACHMILLER set in .38Super  to load for a British Victory in .38S&W. I cleaned a lot of brass shavings out of that old steel die.Cases were minimum length and never grew. They were properly chamfered and deburred also.

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Wineman posted this 10 January 2018

I gave them a try and they seemed to work fine. I tried to remove it with 600 w/d sandpaper, no go. RCBS said whoever owned them prior did something to them. They did not offer to send me a new one. I already have a LEE carbide set, so I am covered. I don't shoot many 38 Super, I get tired of chasing brass in the piles of 9 mm on the ground. Once I learned (thanks Ed) to seat out to headspace on the lands my Colt 70 is much more accurate (original barrel).



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