RCBS Pro Melt 2 Casting Furnace

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OU812 posted this 3 weeks ago

The new Pro Melt 2 bottom pour casting furnace from RCBS.

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ten-mile posted this 3 weeks ago

Four worthwhile improvements at least, but you would think they could have mounted the PID control square to the housing.  The Pro-Melt I bought two years ago had a faulty thermostat out of the box.  Rather than send me a whole new unit they sent a new thermostat but no pop rivets.  I run it with a PID controller because the thermostat they supplied does a terrible job controlling temperature.

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358156hp posted this 3 weeks ago

The old style bimetal controllers do a pretty bad job of regulating temps. Their reaction time is horribly slow, and they're affected more by their environment than PID thermocouples are.

I built my own PID & rewired my Lyman pot for PID exclusively. Lyman MAG25 has the PID mounted forward, but it takes up a lot more bench space than my MAG20, or apparently the RCBS pot. Of course the plastic PID has to be quite a ways away from the heating element.

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