30-06, G33/40 rifle for sale

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corerftech posted this 3 weeks ago

Folks, lightening the load for the move with another sale.

Reduced to this rifle. Added pictures. 

DOT 42 G33/40 (yep, an alpine) and in 30-06!!!!!!

This is a highly polished and exceptionally built masterful rifle.

Has ultra light weight pencil barrel (muzzle wall is not even .087) and was built for serious esoteric hunting. Features Redfield receiver sight, XX fancy Walnut stock, case metal grip cap. This one has an idiosyncrasy which is driving my asking price down. It is obvious that an owner had two inches of the butt removed and added a Kick-Eze for a lady or very young hunter. It is now too short to be useful for anyone taller than about 5'6" as built. Very sad to see the rifle adapted to such a small frame but a better candidate you can't find. Its lighter than a Synthetic stocked Stevens 200!! Still stunningly beautiful. The bluing is that of a 1950's colt python, except better!

My vision has always been to remove the recoil pad, I have a block of Ebony that will be included in the sale, to add the two inches back. The original gun had a case colored butt plate and Id return it back to that format. This is no bench gun. This is the CATS MEOW of hunting rifles that makes folks jealous to handle much less shoot or own.


Asking $1100 for the rifle complete with ebony stock block.

Buyer pays all fees, glad to ship as needed for $35 CONUS.


PM any questions regarding rifles, requests for pictures will be answered by email. Please include an email address with your PM to reply to.


Thanks for further lightening the load to Tennessee.


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corerftech posted this 2 weeks ago

bump with pic added

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Ed Harris posted this 6 days ago

Lovely rifle, but am too big...

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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