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GP Idaho posted this 16 February 2018

Mid-South has free hazmat until the 20th when you purchase four lbs. of Shooter's World powder or half the fee if you order 2lbs. I've been wanting to give the Lovex powders a try as they are a few dollars less than other brands.  It's also ok to add other powders and primers if you like. I ordered 2lbs of Buffalo (Cowboy) one of Blackout and another of auto pistol powder. I'll let you all know how it goes. Gp

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4060may posted this 16 February 2018


here is a cross list of LOVEX, someplac i have the clear shot cross ref. if i  find it I will post it

D 013-01   Disc powder Accurate® NITRO 100 equivalent

D 032-03   Spherical porous powder  Accurate® No. 2 equivalent

D 036-03   Spherical powder Accurate® No. 5 equivalent

D 037-01   Spherical powder Accurate® No. 7 equivalent

D 037-02   Spherical powder Accurate® No. 9 equivalent

D 060-01   Tubular powder   Accurate® 5744 equivalent

D 063-02   Spherical powder Accurate® 1680 equivalent

D 073-04   Spherical powder Accurate® 2460, 2520, 2474 equivalent

D 073-05   Spherical powder Accurate® 2230 equivalent

S 015-02   Disc porous powder Accurate® SOLO 1000 equivalent

S 016-01   Disc porous powder Accurate® SOLO 1250 equivalent

S 060-02   Tubular powder      Accurate® 2015 BR equivalent

S 062-02   Tubular powder Accurate® 4064 equivalent

S 070-02   Tubular powder Accurate® 4350 equivalent

S 071-01   Tubular powder Accurate® 3100 equivalent

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 16 February 2018

I have been using these powders for a couple years now and just before the holidays took MidSouth up on the same deal offered at that time. My experience has been with Blackout, Buffalo, Heavy Pistol, Match Rifle & Clean Shot. So far I find them to be of high quality and no different than all the other brands. Buffalo is of special interest to CB shooters because it is very similar to A5477. 

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