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skeet1 posted this 2 weeks ago

Just wondering. Do any of you guys size and lube your tumble lube type bullets in a lubrisizer? I have used the liquid alox and yes it works and it's easy but I don't like the looks of the bullets or the stickiness. I have a Lee      358-158 SWC TL mold that I like and it shoots quite well and I just got done running them through my lubrisizer and lubing them with Carnuba Red. I think this will work OK is anyone else doing this?



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Hamish posted this 2 weeks ago


I have read many posts over the years on CB of TL bullets being sized and lubed.  I would suggest that you need to switch from plain liquid alox to JPW/Alox to completely eliminate the stickiness.  2 ounces of alox into a warm can of JPW and stirred makes for a fast drying, non tacky lube.

I have sized/lubed the Lee 30-230-5R TL in the past and then tumble lubed, but using simple JPW/alox for all applications up to about 1800fps, I see no need to deal with exposed conventional lube in tumble lube grooves anymore.

The foremost consideration of standard lube in TL grooves, is wether there is enough lube for the ride down the barrel.  The more a bullet is sized, the more the grooves are wiped out.  

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shootcast posted this 2 weeks ago

I’v been shooting the Lee 160 TL in some 30 caliber . Both liquid and conventional. The bullet drops at .312 and I size to .311 and lube 50/50. After loading I dip the nose into liquid lube than invert it to a tray. Today I decided to try something different. I rolled the bullet across some lube to fill the grooves and also apply lube to bore riding nose. Yes this will leave exposed lube but I wanted to shoot tomorrow. These bullets will be in a   Covered case ( MTM ) until loaded in the chamber. I’m reasonably sure there is enough lube to prevent leading. Time will tell ! 

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Larry Gibson posted this 2 weeks ago

I've have several different Lee TL bullets of different calibers including the 358-158-SWC.  Most often I size and lube them in a Lyman 450 with BAC.  I size and lube the 158s in a .359 H&I die first as that is sizing them only .001 or less.  It also does not wipe/swage away the lube grooves. If it's colder then a lubrasizer heater will be needed for the stiffer lube, such as Carnuba red, to flow into the small grooves.  I then size them at .358 or .357 in a Lee push through sizer if those sizes are needed. The grooves are not swaged away when filled with lube and there is no need for re-lubing.  


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delmarskid posted this 2 weeks ago

I have run tumble lube type bullets through the lube-sizer just like a conventional type. It worked fine. The bullets carry a lot of lube that way.

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shootcast posted this 2 weeks ago

Back from the range. For those who don’t have a lube/ sizer you can simply roll a bullet with finger pressure across some lube. First heat the lube to liquid and pour it onto a flat surface. ( very  shallow pan etc.) let it harden then your ready to lube the Tumble lube Bullet. Moderate finger pressure as rolls across will fill the grooves. I also allowed lube above the grooves. I used the Lee push through die to size and install the gas check. These were loaded to a estimated 1800 FPS. I only fired ten rounds but there was no evidence of any leading. They shot as accurate as tumble lubed.   

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BigMan54 posted this 2 weeks ago

I learn so much here. I bought my 1st TL design from N.O.E and put it through my 450, with 50/50. Shot great, next batch was TL'd with WLL XLOX and sized in a Lee Sizer. Now I'm PCing them. 

Every version has worked well.

But for some reason I can't seem to buy another TL mold. None of the designs I want seem to be TL. Guess it's just that Old Guy stuck in the mud syndrome.

I can handle PC but not TL, I can only handle one new idea at a time. 

And it's PowderCoat.  

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Eutectic posted this 5 days ago


Try Accurate Molds. There are plenty of TL designs already in the Accurate catalog, but you can get anything you want.  Design your own from scratch, pick a design and tell Tom you want tumble lube grooves, put a TL body on any nose.

I tumble lube with LLA + Carnauba, done correctly it is not sticky. If it is sticky you are using too much.

Using the LEE bullet sizing die is over twice as fast as the 450. There has been some discussion about needing a second coating of LLA after sizing. I have not found this to be necessary.

Good luck with Powder Coating, let us know how it works for you.


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