It has been a while since we had some comments posted which served no purpose other than to criticize or belittle others. But over the past few weeks there have been a few. 

Let me make it clear, very clear. John, Jeff and I have a good hold of the forum and need no help moderating. If you insist on posting comments just to be an ass, we will swiftly take action. This forum will not become a "boolits forum" under our watch. If you persist with like comments not only will they be removed, you will also be removed from the forum. 

Keep the comments to yourself, I assure you 99.9% of our members find no use for them.

David Reiss - NRA Life Member & PSC Range Member Retired Police Firearms Instructor/Armorer
-Services: Wars Fought, Uprisings Quelled, Bars Emptied, Revolutions Started, Tigers Tamed, Assassinations Plotted, Women Seduced, Governments Run, Gun Appraisals, Lost Treasure Found.
- Also deal in: Land, Banjos, Nails, Firearms, Manure, Fly Swatters, Used Cars, Whisky, Racing Forms, Rare Antiquities, Lead, Used Keyboard Keys, Good Dogs, Pith Helmets & Zulu Headdresses. .