Winchester 473 in 9mm

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Rich/WIS posted this 27 October 2019

Was using 473 in 9mm Luger years ago but stopped when I gave my CZ 85 to my son.  He getting a second one for CC and wants to load for both (he mostly shoots 45).  Was going to give him the last of my 473 but can't find my notes on what the load was.  Bullet is the Lee 356-129 TC that dropping 122 grs sized and lubed.  Only data I could find was for 124 gr but don't know if that was cast or jacketed, suspect jacketed.

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M3 Mitch posted this 28 October 2019

I don't think a 122 grain bullet would be a problem in a load intended for a 124 grain bullet.  You can probably use the data you have.

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Rich/WIS posted this 29 October 2019

Found data, old Speer manual had loads for it, 

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