Winchester 540

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shastaboat posted this 4 days ago

I've decided to use up some of my less popular powders especially in this time of scarce components.  I'm currently processing my next couple years of prairie dog cast rounds in .223 with LEE's 55 gr cast bullet.  I find that I have several pounds of Winchester 540 powder that I want to use up and can't find any data for any cast loads in any caliber.  Based on the burn rate I'm gonna start a load test at 7.5 gr.  My normal load is 10 gr of 2400 for right at 2000 fps.  Has anyone had any experience shooting cast rifle in any caliber with this powder?

Because I said so!

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RicinYakima posted this 4 days ago

Nope but since it is the same as HS#6 you might find some data there.

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