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joeb33050 posted this 27 September 2017

It's been years since I gave up on a Hornet.

I seem to have inadvertently just bought one. Need dies and brass, let the frustration begin!

joe b. 

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 27 September 2017

hi joeb: ... a weak point of the hornet is the brass ... head thickness varies and the "" neck "" is thin ...  that said one of my favorite plinkers is my ruger77h hornet ... i did adjust the headspace so that a few rims are too thick ... the bolt bumps on the rest ...

oh, you might find a teenager to seat bullets  into those itty bitty cases ... or keep bandaids handy ...


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John Alexander posted this 28 September 2017


Do I have a deal for you.  See PM.

From my struggles with three different Hornets this project of yours will make your multi-year struggle with the 223 look like a cake walk.


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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 28 September 2017

joeb:: ... re: hornet stings ::

if that is a single shot rig .... you might use it as a breech seater ...that would lessen the variable brass factor ..... i think ....  besides, who else is shooting a breech seater 22 ?? ... not boring ...

with a 22 casted bullet i think a simple push stick with a stop collar  would work ... be glad to make you one if this seems like a wonderful idea ...

i am playing with this idea with my 45-70 ruger3 ... if nothing else it extends the time between painful shots ( g ) ...


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OU812 posted this 29 September 2017

Find some old Winchester 680 powder.smile

Remington brass is a little thinner so case has more volume.

Sierra 45gr. hornet bullets work good with the 680 powder.

The best I could shoot with this load was 1". I had no experience with cast.

Ruger bolt rifle...remove pressure point at front of stock/barrel to prevent vertical stringing of shots when barrel heated up.

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joeb33050 posted this 29 September 2017

 Thanks to all, but the deal fell through. No hornet for me. Why am I relieved?


joe b.

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Starmetal posted this 29 September 2017

I heard all the horror stories about the 22 Hornet and I'm hearing them again here.  Seventeen years ago I bought a CZ 527 in 22 Hornet. Just a sporter barrel on a fiberglass stock from CZ.  Put a cheap Bushnell scope on it and loaded Hornady 45 grain A-MAX bulllets over a healthy dose of W-296.  Shoots consistent 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards.  Have a cast mold made by a friend and it shoots those very well to and at the upper Hornet velocities. BTW I use a Lee collet neck size die.  I have not lost one piece of brass in all those years and I shoot a mixture of both Remington and Winchester brass.  At the time I bought my rifle my friend bought a heavy barrel stainless Ruger. The best the both of us could get it to do was 1/2 inch at 100 yards with jacketed.  He sold it.  This is back when Ruger was still had barrel problems and other problems too. Talking to Sierra techs off the record one of their own had a Ruger 22 Hornet. It shot VERY bad.  They investigated it and found: chamber off center in the barrel and the receiver face not square.  They fixed the receiver and put an after market barrel on it and it shot very well then. 

I'm so pleased with my CZ Hornet that I would NEVER ream it to a K Hornet. 

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 29 September 2017

... now if you happen to come across a 218 BEE ... that is another story .... it just looks more right ....a real shoulder AND a rim !! .... belt and suspenders !! ....  capacity just right for a 1650 fps casted bullet ....

.... i just happen to have a good-bore 218 bee varmint barrel for a highwall ... hmmmm .. would putting it on a R1 be blasphemy ??

oh, maybe i should mention my first centerfire was a 218 bee .... could the attraction be nostalgia ?  ...... oh yeah, cz doesn't come in 218 bee ...


yeah, back in 1995, ruger thought 6 inch groups from a 77h hornet was within specs ... they can be tuned though .


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R. Dupraz posted this 29 September 2017

The Ruger K has no fear

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