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tony1960 posted this 07 December 2018

Well hello all, I was a member back in the very early '80s but fell by the wayside from rifle shooting to take up more of a pistol role. Love to experiment, especially when someone tells me it can't be done or that powder doesn't work. Loved my old 30.06 Columbian carbine in the day, had to hand back the Ljungman 6.5 during our buyback, hard on cases and bloody heavy to lug around. I'ver never shot a jacketed bullet in my life so have no truly bad habits, maybe I like the look of a real pretty cast pill too much, they have character that a shiny copper pill doesn't give me.

One day I will get another rofle or two, still like the 30.06 and before I die have promised myself an original  '95, but would suffer for a 30/40 Krag if I had to. I hold back whenever I see a little '92 in 32/20 pass by, maybe I can support two rifles big_grin. Just a matter of range time with a 45 min drive and a toll in between.


Well it's feel good to be back in with you guys, I have seen there is a lot of interesting discussion going on at the moment and if JSH doesn't want the 473AA, I'll have it, fantastic powder for low recoil 9mm loads.

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 07 December 2018

Hello Tony and welcome. Why don't you pull the trigger and join the CBA so you can start receiving the bigger and better Fouling Shot magazine. It's easy to do now. Just go to the store and select your choice of membership. We would love to have you back. 

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John Alexander posted this 07 December 2018


Welcome to our forum.  Recent Fouling Shots have more articles on pistols than rifles. You will feel right at home either way.


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JeffinNZ posted this 07 December 2018

Hi Tony.

Those Ljungmans sure can throw brass around.  Not the handoaders' friend.  Saw one chucking brass 10 yards easy one day.  LOL.  And your fingers are safer now also!

Cheers from New Zealand

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tony1960 posted this 07 December 2018

Hi Jeff, you are certainly right about the fingers, definitely not a gun for the uninitiated. Lost more brass than I found, 10 yards away must have been a soft round. Always thought about tracking down the Israeli conversion, an 8mm auto could have some interesting knock down power for those interested in hunting.


So this has probably been asked before, but when the zombie apocalypse comes and you can only have one cartridge, what would it be. I'd pick the 30.06 any day, I've loaded from 90gn loads to heavy 200n plus, it just seems an all round cartridge. Plus Teddy couldn't have been wrong taking it to Africa with him in '09.

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beagle6 posted this 08 December 2018

As the late Townsend Whelen said " the 30-06 is never a mistake"

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