Postal Rules


HOW TO ENTER: Shooters desiring to enter should send appropriate fees to: CBA Postal Match/Mike Kastning
PO Box 744
Elk Point, SD 57025-0744

stating the name of the match(es) desired, sights to be used (I.e., whether scope or iron), and whether for score or group.
REPORTING: Entrants will send the fired targets with the completed Technical Data Form to the appropriate scorer as listed in the individual match data. Return must be postmarked no later than the specified Target Return Date. First - class mailing is recommended. Please allow extra time for mailings from foreign countries.

SCORING: The scoring will be conducted by the Directors of Postal Competitions or their designees. Please do not plug targets before mailing
AWARDS: Monetary awards will be made to at least the top competitor in the class, except when there is only one competitor registered. Additional awards will be made based on the number of entrants. All first-place winners will receive an award certificate. Match results and technical data will be published in The Fouling Shot, posted on the CBA web site and mailed to the match winners with their awards.

ENTRY FEES: The entry fee for each match is listed in the individual match data. Checks to be made out to "CBA Postal Match" in US funds. Please add additional funds for foreign orders. If the match is a season match, entrance in the full season will qualify entrants for the aggregate awards, but all targets in any one match and category must be shot with the same firearm. However , different loads and/or bullets may be used. Season fees are based on the single-month fee times the number of months. Appropriate targets will be sent to the competitor upon receipt of the entry fee. Multiple entries in a match are allowed only if multiple guns are used; or if scope and iron sights are allowed, then the same gun may be used with different sights

SIGHTER TARGETS: These are sent together with the record targets, and are for the use of the competitor and need not be returned. You may shoot an unlimited number of sighter shots at any time during the course of the match as long as you meet the time requirements.

BULLETS: Bullets must be cast of a lead alloy; they must be fixed in the neck of the centerfire cartridge case except for the Single-Shot Match #13 and in unrestricted rifles. Gas checks may be used on the bullets except for Single-Shot Match #13.

SIGHTS: In all matches, iron sights will compete against iron sights, scope against scope, unless match is designated as an "any sight" match. Unless scope power is specifically limited in the individual match data, there are no maximum power limitations.

CONDITIONS: All matches are to be fired during the daylight hours on an outdoor range.
In all group matches, the location of the group on the target is immaterial
Benchrest: Fired from benchrest with sandbag or conventional pedestal rest.
Offhand: Fired from standing position. Sling, palm-rest, hook buttplate, etc, may be used except in the Military Offhand Match #11 and the Deer Hunter Practical Match #17. See individual match data for description of offhand rules for these matches.

CBA Official Group Target: has 1 3/8" sighting square and 3/4" center circle out to 5 3/4" circle.
CBA Official Score Target: has 5 record bulls and 1 sighter bull with 3/4" 10 ring and 5
3/4" 3-ring.
TQ-4: NRA 100-yd. Small-Bore Rifle Target with 2" ten ring out to 12" five-ring. Black sighting area is 8" in diameter.
Running Deer Range: Running deer on 28" X 42" brown paper target with scoring lines for vales of hits. These lines are invisible at 100 yards.
MR - 52: 200 Yard High Power Rifle Slow Fire Target. Has a 3 3/4" ten-ring out to a
19 3/4" five-ring. Black sighting area is 11 3/4" in diameter.
MR - 31: 100 Yard High Power Rifle Slow Fire Target. Has a 1 3/4" ten-ring out to a
9 3/4" five-ring. Black sighting area is 5 3/4" in diameter.


Hunting Rifle: Factory-produced rifle with original barrel, trigger, action, chamber and stock. Weight with scope = 9.5 lbs. or less.
See CBA Rules of Competition for allowable modifications which are few for this class. Rifles using an original issue military action and barrel and meeting the Hunting Rifle weight limit are allowed.
Production: Factory produced rifle with original barrel, trigger, action, chamber and stock. Weight with scope = 12 lbs. or less. Throating, bedding, free-floating are permitted, and trigger may be smoothed / lightened. Rifles using an original issue military action and barrel and meeting the weight limit may be fired in the production class with no other restrictions.
Heavy: Any rifle with sights weighing less than 14.0 lbs.
Unrestricted: Any rifle without restriction to its weight, stock configuration, or guidance means. Bullets need not be fixed in case.

Issue: Military service rifle of any nation. Rifle must be strictly as issued, no modifications.
Modified: Military service rifle of any nation. Rifle must have original receiver and issue barrel, while stock, trigger and sight may be modified. This class is divided into scope ( maximum power 6X ) and iron sights.
Carbines: Any issue carbine of any nation as long as there is a corresponding long rifle manufactured and in use at the same time or any issue military rifle with a barrel length of 21" or less. The carbine class will have the same issue, modified iron and modified scope classes as the military rifle category.
Other rifles: For matches #10, #13, #14, #15, #16, and #20, see the individual descriptions for the definitions of allowable rifles.


For all participants in Seasonal Matches:
As mentioned under "ENTRY FEES" on page 1, the same firearm must be used in all sessions of a season match if the competitor is to be qualified for the aggregate award.
For all participants in any match:
We request that each data sheet be completely and legibly filled out when the targets are sent in for scoring. A designation such as "same" will not suffice. We ask for your cooperation in this matter. Especially for newcomers to the postal matches. In regard to the numbering system, match numbers are currently 1 through 20. The 16th match, for example is the Lever/ Pump/ Auto Benchrest Match. The individual targets and the corresponding tech data sheet for this match are numbered in sequence as "1601, 1602, 1603" and so forth, representing the first, second and third sets of targets sent out to the competitors.

Pistols or Rifles such as the T/C Contender, HR Handi, and the like are eligible to compete in postal matches. 
Match #6 Season Benchrest is Scope only 100yds, but break actions will be competing against other break actions only in a Break Action Class.  There are no other restrictions to this class concerning weight or barrel.
Match #6A Season Benchrest Break Action class is Scope only, 100yds.   Break actions may enter  to compete in Hunter pistol or Long Range Handgun as well, but will be competing against all others in the class.

Pistols may be used in:
Winter Benchrest Match # 1a Winter Offhand Match # 2a Spring Ice-Breaker Match # 4a Spring Warm-up Match # 5a
Season Pistol Benchrest Match # 6a (also see p.8) Season Offhand Match # 9a
Little-Bore Benchrest Match # 12a Mid-Bore Benchrest Match # 14a Big-Bore Benchrest Match # 15a Deer Hunter Practical Match # 17a
200-Yard Combined Match # 18a
Timed Fire Handgun Match # 21 (see also p. 17)
Range: 50 yards for all offhand matches except #21 (50ft)
50 yards for Hunter Pistol Benchrest,
100 yards for Long Range Pistol Benchrest and
200 yards for Match # 18a
All other data is the same as for rifles as indicated in specific match descriptions except for pistol classes which are described below.
Entry fees and target return dates and addresses are the same as listed for the corresponding rifle matches

Hunter: weight with iron sights not to exceed 4.0 lbs., 4 1/2 lbs. with scope: trigger pull not less than 2.0 lbs., and barrel not longer than 10.75". Barrel not rebored, rechambered to accommodate a cartridge other than that for which it was originally manufactured.
Long Range: any pistol weighing a maximum of 7.0 lbs. With sights and with a maximum barrel length of 15". This class will be divided into production pistol (factory produced with original barrel) and custom pistol.

PISTOL CLASSES FOR OFFHAND MATCHES: Scope/Pistol: Any pistol with scope. Iron/Pistol: Any pistol with iron sights.