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alco posted this 26 January 2020

I have a Wolfe reduced power wire Bolt Spring that won't install.   It won't bend so I can get the screw started in the hole.  The screw is very short.  Any suggestions......……………………...

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BigMan54 posted this 01 February 2020

I had this problem, fixed it with a longer screw. 

Of course this was 20yrs ago, when End of Trail was still the big Deal in SoCal. There were at least half a dozen good Cowboy Gunsmiths around. Parts were plentiful. 

Try Uberti or see if Cimarron has longer screws.




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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 01 February 2020

in similar situations i have turned a special screw with a pointed tip to force the part into place when fighting a problem assembly.  i would be happy to see if i could do one for your piece if you want ...  i would eventually need all the complete details of the potential screw.  pm me if i can help.   ken


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ALYMAN#1 posted this 5 weeks ago

If I understand this correctly, try a small screw clamp - 2" or so, from inside frame to top/bottom of spring with cardboard or plastic to protect blued surface and possibly a washer or nut to compress the spring until you can start the screw.  May need an extra hand to assemble the rig.  Hope this helps.

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