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Richard Pickering posted this 04 May 2018

Does anyone have experience with the .30 Reece in a 10'' MGM barrel for the TC Contender ? I'd like to use either the RCBS 165 Silhouette or SAECO 311 and may include the SAECO 301. 

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BudHyett posted this 04 May 2018

Shooting the .30 Herrett ,which is a similar cartridge, in CBA Long Range Handgun competition over a decade ago. I shot the SAECO #315 for 100 yards and the RCBS 30-165-SIL for 200 yards. These were in a heavy Bullberry barrel measuring 12 inches which just made the weight limit of 5 1/2 pounds at that time. The barrel has 1:10" twist and the chamber was tight, close neck tolerance. This barrel shot well, the action was tight, the trigger was 1 1/2 pounds and crips. 

Testing heavier bullets like the RCBS 30-180-SP and 30-200-SIL showed too much recoil over the course of a match with the resulting fatigue affecting accuracy. When shooting at practice, the heavier bullets revisited wind better, but were very tiring over the course of a match. 

As my goal was competition, I used the lighter bullets. If not competing, then try the heavier bullets. They shot well in my .30 Herrett. 


Farm boy from Western Illinois, living in the Magical Pacific Northwest

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Richard Pickering posted this 11 May 2018

Thanks for your experience. I wont have the barrel for another two weeks. I presently use a TC 32-20 for metallic Silhouette and the Reece cartridge seems close to it in volume. It will probably be six weeks before I have an opportunity to post results. 

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Richard Pickering posted this 01 August 2018

Presently I have had the barrel out twice. I used 12gr 4227 and 12gr 1680 and the RCBS 165. There isnt enough data until I can get it on paper. 

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Hamish posted this 02 August 2018



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Richard Pickering posted this 02 August 2018

I had not considered the case volume of the 7.62x25 as a comparison.  It normally uses an 85 to maybe 100gr bullet. I want to use a 165gr. Thanks. 

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