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Scearcy posted this 31 March 2017

The signup sheets have started arriving so if anyone feels like sharing or discussing their groundhog ammo, here is the thread. Once again Ken the instigator put me up to it.

Here are 150 little beauties that shoot well but lead like Hades. 


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onondaga posted this 01 April 2017

It is just a matter of basics to solve any leading problem. Do you know the source and reason of the leading? It is pretty easy to figure out:

1) bullet to chamber fit less than ink verified slide fit equals elevated leading potential

2) Load level in psi is higher than bullet ultimate strength in psi equals elevated leading potential

3) bullets too hard for load level are shaved by rifling equals leading

4) Bore finish less than about a shiny 500 grit finish abrades lead and attracts it to stay on surfaces equals leading



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Scearcy posted this 03 April 2017

Have spent the last few days lubing and sizing the bullets a little differently. While I haven't settled on the final configuration both straight .3095 and .3095 on the front two bands and the back two unsized seem to work ok. intuitively the stepped sizing is appealing .3095 controls the leading also and is easier to do obviously.

I tried 4 different powders today. The lightest load was 5.5 gr of Bullseye. This load would not stabilize the bullet at 100 yd.

I'll post some targets later.

Scearcy posted this 03 April 2017



Here are the other three targets using Unique, 2400 and 4759. I will retry BE with a 6 gr load in the future.




Bohica793 posted this 04 April 2017

What velocities are you seeing out of these loads?

Scearcy posted this 04 April 2017

I haven't taken the chrono out of moth balls yet this spring but I will soon as I was wondering the exact same thing. These four loads did not behave as though they were very similar. I like the Unique load and I think about 13.5 gr of 4759 will be good.  I was getting a little blow back with the 13 gr load. I expect those loads to be in the 1200 fps range but I need to check that. BTW it looks like both loads will be more than good enough at 50 yards. Gotta love the 3006.


Scearcy posted this 04 April 2017

I am glad you asked. A person should always check the chrono I suppose.  10 gr of unique - 1349 fps with about 45 ES. 13.5 IMR 4759 = 1120 fps with almost 200 ES!  The loads which were “out” were less than 1000 fps.

I am going to try 9-9.5 of unique. Don't need 1350 fps.

The only thing I can figure out with the 4759 is that it is extremely position sensitive with this light of a load. This may explain the tail of lower and unstable shots on yesterday's target.

I am going to chrono 12 and 13 gr of 2400 as well as 6 gr of BE. The BE load seems light but I believe that it was Ed Harris who suggested that load  so it warrants a longer look for sure.

The more I learn, the less I know.


Bohica793 posted this 05 April 2017

I have been working with loads at 1600-1800fps in both the 7.62x54R and the 38-55 but your post is making me reconsider my velocity choice.  I have never attempted to push anything smaller than a 45-70 that slowly but there is a first time for everything.

Scearcy posted this 05 April 2017

Learn from my mistakes, don't follow them.  Seriously, I am not knowledgable with PB.  I can tell you that 1600-1800 is the velocity range I target when using GC bullets for matches. What I am looking for here is 1 step faster than a gallery load. 

When I am targeting 1700 fps I do use a harder alloy than I am using for the PB loads.


Scearcy posted this 05 April 2017

6 gr Bullseye = 1,057 fps, std=16

14.5 gr 4759 = 1,216 fps, std=28

12 gr 2400= 1,245 fps, std=27

don't forget the 10 gr of unique =1,349 fps load from above.

I believe I will increase the 4759 load to 15 gr and maybe the 2400 load to 12.5 or 13 gr.

Frankly I think any of these will be just fine at 50 yards. 

I have never used filler. Would a pea sized tuft help these loads?

What are the rest of you guys doing?


bushranch posted this 05 April 2017

Going to try the .250 Savage . Rifle is a M 99 EG with bead front sight & Lyman windage adjustable tang. This is a rifle that should be used more and I now have a reason!! Only Pb bullet I have is the RCBS 85 grain CB . I am looking for something about 1400 FPS and perhaps the Savage slow twist 1/14 is a blessing at this time? Published .250 85 grain Pb loads are difficult to find but the stack of old Ideal Hand Books came through . Number 38 shows the 85 gr 257283 at 1300 FPS with 8.0 grains of 4759. 8 grains of 1984 era Hercules 2400 seemed to shoot well in past years. Perhaps there is something better and a little more velocity would be OK . Have loaded test rounds with 8.6 grains of the above 2400 , 4759 , and 4227 . Will see... Backup is a old Winchester 94 rifle using the RCBS  150 grain Pb CB. (Thanks Norm)  This is a great Pb bullet that likely doesn't get the attention it should. Best 30-30 load with it is 18 grains of H4895 with WLR. It is a bit dirty . I pull a nylon brush through after shooting and that is all it takes. Mix is about 20-1 .




RicinYakima posted this 05 April 2017

Jim, My first loads are 10.5 grains of SR7625, a notch slower than Unique in big cases. Bullets are 311241, 150 grain, and Accurate clone 311440 (PB).

Bohica793 posted this 09 April 2017

Just got back from testing 16gr of IMR4227 in the 38-55 under an Accurate 38-250D 250gr RNFP.  I discovered just how position sensitive IMR4227 is, ranging from 1230 to 1470fps depending on if I elevate the muzzle prior to shooting each round or not.  Regardless of the velocity differences, the round proved to be very accurate at 50 yards.  I'll be retesting with 13gr using a small wad next.  Target velocity is the 1200 range.


Meanwhile, the Type 54 is bringing me to tears.  With jacketed 170's, it produces MOA accuracy.  With 200gr cast at 1600fps, it produces minute of aircraft carrier at 50 yards (seriously, 4 FOOT groups).  Have ordered a 170 grain mold but will try slowing this one down to the 1200 range as well to see if I can get anything to group in the same zip code.

Scearcy posted this 10 April 2017

I gather they were not tears of joy. What is the twist rate of the Type 54? I am not familiar with that rifle.


Bohica793 posted this 10 April 2017

Twist rate is 1:9.5 and no, they were not tears of joy.  This is the Chinese variant of the Russian Mosin Nagant M44 carbine.

Scearcy posted this 11 April 2017


For this 50 yard game we are playing, I have settled on the classic plinker recipe: short, fat, soft and slow.

Come to think of it, that recipe applies to this rifleman too.


Bohica793 posted this 11 April 2017

One sympathizes......

45 2.1 posted this 11 April 2017

Plinking loads used to be very easy.... that is until everyone used too hard an alloy. The problem is using a hard alloy with an undersize bullet. Use a alloy the factory uses to swage wadcutters and you won't have problems any longer. Persist with hard alloys and you will. If you want proof, I can direct you to a site where an individual posts 50 yard groups that are tight cloverleafs out of scoped rifles with plinking loads...... and he isn't doing anything that hasn't been done by a lot of people.

Scearcy posted this 11 April 2017

Its been a poor few days to go to the range.  We got 3” of snow last night! When it warms up a bit I am going to try a couple of these plinking loads at 100 yd with a HB 3006. They should shoot into 1 1/2” or less with that rifle. 

John Alexander posted this 11 April 2017

45 2.1 speaks the truth.

Yes harder alloys are needed for high velocity loads but more shooters seem to be shooting alloys that are too hard than the opposite.

I believe a lot of the problems shooters have problems leading to the belief that it is hard to shoot CBs well in 22s is because of the conventional wisdom (that happens to be false) that it takes a hard alloy to shoot well in the small bores. Just because it has been repeated doesn't mean its true.


Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 11 April 2017

when i think of a possible strategy for 50 yard plinkers .... it is hard to ignore the simplicity of the 22 rimfire ...short, soft, slow, and in my experience, fitting the throat very snugly is best .  so yes::   FAT .   so the secret code is::   SSSF

the only drawback in plinking with slower SSSF ( <1300 fps ) bullets is that they don't blow up water filled cans so wonderfully .  holes in paper not much difference .  heh .


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